6 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas She Will Love!

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas | the fairy glitch mother

It was my daughter’s 6th birthday recently. She was so happy! I feel she has grown up a lot in just so little time. And from the look of her birthday gifts, I see her interests have shifted and grown. So I’ve put together this list of 6 year old girl birthday gift ideas that I hope you’ll find helpful for your not so little one – be it a girl or a boy ☺️

I’m sharing with you the actual gifts she’s received and then other things that either we have or we’ve left in our wishlist and would be incredible gifts 😉 We need to leave some things for Christmas!

Our actual 6 year old girl birthday gift list

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - artist case | the fairy glitch mother

1. Artist case – Miaoke

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso.
Among other things, my daughter says she would like to be an artist when she grows up. I dreamed of being an artist, and although that dream faded for many years, it has come back strong. So we really want to encourage her passions, whatever they may be. She has been using this suitcase EVERY SINGLE DAY since she got it. She loves it, feels grown-up, and is a true artist. Can’t wait to see all the things she will create.

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - microscope | the fairy glitch mother

2. Microscope for kids – bought on Amazon

Another of my daughter’s passions is science. She says she wants to be an “experimentor” (I love her made-up words 😍). We found this excellent microscope that comes with science slides that you can look at straight away. Onion skin, dragonfly wing, goldfish scale, pollen… so many things to see! It also comes with a science kit to prepare your samples so you can see under the microscope. One of our cousins is a researcher and will be coming over to teach us more and enlighten us about the worlds that we can see through a microscope. Can’t wait to learn and grow with her!

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - ukelele | the fairy glitch mother

3. Ukelele – Fender

This beautiful ukelele is actually her very first instrument. It was a wonderful surprise from her fairy godmother (who has played the guitar with me since we were kids). She thought she might like it and my daughter’s face literally lit up when she saw it. It is so lovely in this shade of pink. None of us knows how to play it, but we’ll learn together! For now, she just likes strumming the strings and making up stories and songs. Very original 😄

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - raya doll | the fairy glitch mother

4. Raya doll – Disney

I was a big Disney princess fan as a little girl, and she likes them too. We went to the movies to see “Raya and the Last Dragon” this year, and we really enjoyed the movie. I am so happy to see Disney’s princess evolution. Today’s princesses do not have the damsel in distress role that they traditionally were given. Instead, they are empowered female characters with no love interest who can do and accomplish whatever they set their minds to. I believe it is a giant leap forward and a brilliant example for young girls. She asked for the doll, and it was lovely.

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - moana costume | the fairy glitch mother

5. Moana costume – Disney

Another recent heroine that we adore is Moana (or Vaiana in other parts of the world). My daughter really enjoys playing dress-up and pretending, letting her imagination fly, and Moana is fantastic. Besides, my son is her perfect sidekick and enjoys pretending he is Maui. What a pair! 😍

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - grapat mandala pineapples | the fairy glitch mother

6. Mandala Pineapples – Grapat

If you know me, you know I LOVE playing with loose parts and especially the mandala sets from Grapat. These wooden toys are so lovely and made with a lot of care. You will probably be thinking, “what is this?” and “what do you do with it?”. You can not imagine all the things that you can do with them! From mandalas to flat-lay designs, to counting games… you can do so many things with them. These particular ones are also great for stacking. You can check out this post on Grapat Mandalas for more ideas!

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - code and go robot mouse | the fairy glitch mother

7. Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set – Learning Resources

What an incredible toy! This tiny mouse is for coding and helps children learn to program as they build critical thinking, problem-solving, sequencing, and programming fundamentals. The box came with the mouse and cheese plus 20 maze grids, maze walls, tunnels, coding cards, and activity cards. It’s a fantastic STEM toy, and so far, we are all enjoying it together as a family.

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - the world needs more purple people 1 | the fairy glitch mother

8. The World Needs More Purple People – Kristen Bell, Benjamin Hart & Daniel Wiseman

What an excellent and funny book! It is a guide to become a purple person. What is a purple person, you may ask? Well, a purple person does all of the following:

  • asks really great questions
  • laughs a lot
  • uses their voice (and help others who have lost their voice)
  • work hard
  • are themselves.

  • It promotes curiosity, kindness, inclusion, empathy, and being active. I think these are lovely values to encourage 6-year-olds and any other age, really. My daughter has liked it so much that she asked if she could take it to school to share with her friends. Of course! We need all the purple people in this world we can get!
6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - lego robot | the fairy glitch mother

9. Creator 3 in 1 Robot 31115 – Lego

I was surprised and happy when she asked for a Lego robot. (Gifts had mostly been dolls and Disney princess stuff the previous year). This is her first Lego set. Until now, we’ve played with Duplo because she has a 3 year younger brother, and it was risky for him to have such small pieces around. But, she loves building things and, until now, never had to follow such detailed instructions. So, we can’t wait to build all 3 possible versions!

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - loom and rainbow bands | the fairy glitch mother

10. Loom and rainbow rubber bands for bracelets – found on Amazon

This is a current trend that is going on at their school. They are creating all these friendship bracelets with these rubber bands and gifting them to one another. This kit is very complete. We’ve managed to make rainbow tails or single loop chains with them… so much more to learn. I foresee searching for tutorials online very shortly 😅

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - acrobat | the fairy glitch mother

11. Acrobat – Janod

We’ve enjoyed adding this game to our board game collection. We must try to build the tallest tower possible without falling by placing 3 acrobats on each level on the colors we roll the dice. It seems easy, but it has proven quite tricky to get past the 8th level. We’ll keep playing!

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - stationary | the fairy glitch mother

12. Stationary

Notebook, stapler, paper clips, pens, eraser, pencil case, folder, post-it notes… a set with all these things is always a sure win. She had never had a stapler or post-it notes, and she really enjoyed using them non-stop. But, of course, we need more staples now 😅 (just kidding).

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - purple seashell | the fairy glitch mother

13. Purple seashell

We stepped into a Waldorf – Montessori style toy shop the day before her birthday and she asked if she could get this purple seashell. She said it looked like a mermaid’s treasure and that she would take great care of it and gift it to her children someday. Her imagination sometimes amazes me. I could not help myself and got her the Mermaid seashell.

More 6 year old birthday gift ideas & Wishlist

And even these were not gifts for her because we already have them or are still on our wishlist, I believe these would be incredibly great gifts for a 6-year-old. Honestly, Christmas can’t get here soon enough 😉

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas - art cart | the fairy glitch mother

14. Art cart – Alvarog

We got this cart recently, and it has been incredible! Until then, we had our art supplies spread out in different cupboards that were not easy for them to reach, and now they have most of them all in the same place. My daughter is in love with it and moves it around the house, depending on where she will start creating something new. It has been a game-changer because now I often find her creating and experimenting by herself without actually having to ask me for supplies.

grimms rainbow | the fairy glitch mother

15. Large wooden rainbow – Grimm’s

If you don’t have a rainbow in your life, I highly recommend it. It is a beautiful, brilliant open-ended toy that grows with your children. There are so many things you can do with it, I actually made a post for sharing all the ways we play with it. So if you are a little bit curious about what all the fuss about the rainbow is actually about, come check it out. I hope you’ll like it!

waytoplay road - flower track | the fairy glitch mother

16. Road sets – waytoplay

As a family, we’ve discovered the way to play road this summer. It was a gift for my 3-year-old son, but it is clearly for any child who loves building roads and playing with cars. It is incredible! You can play with it anywhere and any time of the year (I can’t wait to take it to the snow now). You can check out how we’ve played with it here. I’m sure you’ll love it!

magnetic tiles | the fairy glitch mother

17. Magnetic tiles & ball run – Connetix

We’ve played a lot this year with these tiles from Playmag, and we’ve had hours of countless fun. I’ve recently discovered the brand Connetix online and have fallen in love with them. From what I’ve seen, I feel their magnets might be much stronger than the ones we have, allowing for taller and more magnificent constructions. Their pastel tiles and the ball run games seem incredible! This is definitely going on in our letter to Santa this year. I’m positive that any 6-year old who enjoys building things will enjoy experimenting and creating with these. Here’s a link to the ballrun set so you can see the possibilities!

18. Construction set – Just Blocks

Finally, this is also on our wish list are the Just Blocks construction sets. Usually, construction sets have pillars, squares, rectangles… but I had never seen any with flat blocks. I think this is amazing! I remember playing with my Grandfather’s coasters as a little girl. Imagine building houses, buildings, roads, garages… I can. It’s on our wishlist. Maybe we’ll be lucky this Christmas.

6 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas I Hope You’ll Love As Well

I really hope this list can be helpful. I feel that this year is an important year for any child. Leaving pre-school and starting school is a significant change. They are growing and will be developing many new skills and discovering the world. I feel they need all the help they can get.

You can not always control what people are going to gift your child, and that is ok. However, it can be beneficial to suggest things you like them playing with or get yourself. The truth is, some people will ignore your ideas, but at least you tried 😉. At home, we mix and match (plastic, wooden, open-ended, close-ended…), and they are having a lot of fun discovering the world through them.

I would love to hear your thoughts! If you have any ideas that have worked for your kids, please share them! Either in the comments section below or on my Instagram account. We are all for learning and discovering new ways to play, have fun, learn and grow.

Happy birthday!*

Updated on: March 9, 2024

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