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Reading has always been a passion of mine, one that began in childhood and grew with me. As a little girl, I found solace, knowledge, and companionship in books. They provided answers, peace, and endless adventures. Reflecting on my own journey, I wish I had a book journal for kids to track and cherish those literary memories.

My unconventional career path is a testament to my love for lifelong learning, primarily fueled by my passion for books. As a mother of two, I want my children to experience the same joy and growth that comes from reading.

Fostering a passion for reading in children opens up endless possibilities and nurtures their curiosity. At a young age, children’s minds are full of wonder, and literature perfectly feeds that curiosity. Reading is not just about learning new words or sentence structure; it’s about embarking on adventures, meeting compelling characters, and immersing oneself in diverse worlds. This is the essence of “Book Quest,” an interactive journal designed for young readers.

Engaging with stories helps children develop empathy, critical thinking, and an appreciation for different perspectives. It fuels their imagination and broadens their worldview. Early reading habits have long-lasting impacts, enhancing cognitive skills and academic performance. Additionally, reading aids in understanding human emotions and building a foundation for emotional intelligence.

Book Quest” aims to be a valuable tool for parents and teachers, sparking a lifelong passion for reading and continuous discovery.

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Why did I create Book Quest?

My love for reading has always been a gateway to imagination, creativity, and lifelong learning. However, reading extends beyond the pages; it involves deep engagement with the content. Reflecting, summarizing, and extracting key ideas from what we read are essential steps. The stories and information we absorb shape our thoughts and perspectives, making it crucial to consider their impact on our lives.

Motivated by this understanding, I wanted to instill in my children a similar passion for books. Nurturing a love for reading equips them with invaluable skills for the future. After searching book journals for kids and not finding what I wanted for my little readers, I decided to create one myself. “Book Quest” was born from this desire—to create a space where reading is not just a habit but a journey of continuous discovery and growth.

Why is reading a critical life skill?

Reading is crucial for children as it serves as the foundation for lifelong learning and cognitive development. It enhances vocabulary, improves comprehension and communication skills, and fosters an understanding of the world around them.

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Through reading, children explore new ideas, cultivate empathy by experiencing diverse perspectives, and develop critical thinking skills. Additionally, reading stimulates imagination and curiosity, which are essential for academic success and personal growth. As such, regular reading not only boosts educational outcomes but also contributes to a child’s ability to think, understand, and interact effectively with others.

Benefits of a Book Journal

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A book journal is a tool that improves literacy and communication skills and nurtures a lifelong love for reading and learning. Here are some of my favorite benefits:

  • Enhances Comprehension: Writing about what children read helps them process and remember the information better. It also encourages them to think critically about the story, characters, and themes.

  • Encourages Reflection: By journaling, children learn to connect the content of books to their own lives or to more significant world issues, fostering deeper personal and intellectual engagement.

  • Develops Writing Skills: Regular entries in a book journal improve writing fluency and style. Children practice organizing their thoughts and expressing them clearly, which is crucial for academic success or success in life.

  • Builds Reading Habits: Keeping a book journal can motivate children to read more regularly. As they look forward to journaling about their thoughts and discoveries, reading becomes a more active and engaging process.

  • Promotes Creativity: Journaling about books can include drawing, creating plots, or imagining alternative endings, which enhances creativity and makes reading more enjoyable.

What is a Book Quest?

A Book Quest is an exciting and engaging literary adventure designed to spark children’s love of reading and exploration. It’s a journey through the world of books where young readers embark on thrilling quests, discover new stories, and unlock the magic of literature.

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A Book Quest encourages children to explore various genres, characters, and settings, providing them with the tools to create their own adventures. It’s a quest filled with imagination, curiosity, and the joy of discovering the boundless possibilities that books offer.

Whether they’re diving into a fantastical realm or uncovering hidden treasures in the pages of a mystery, a Book Quest is a path to a lifelong love for reading and learning.

Meet Booky the Bookworm – A Friendly Guide!

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I thought it would be fun and nice to have a friendly character who was passionate about books and would cheer them along their adventure, and that is how Booky came to life.

Booky the Bookworm is a delightful and enthusiastic companion for young readers, joining them on every literary adventure. He embodies the joy of reading and is a cheerleader, encouraging children to explore and enjoy books.

Booky celebrates their progress by congratulating them every five books and gifting them a fun activity, such as a maze, word hunt, or story sparks exercise. With Booky by their side, children read and engage in creative and interactive tasks, making their reading journey even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Booky loves to share his favorite books with children, providing curated lists perfect for their age group. He also offers colorful bookmarks that kids can color, cut out, and use in their reading adventures. Additionally, Booky shares inspiring quotes about reading, words, and journaling to motivate young readers.

Equipped with handy tools like a library book tracker, a borrowed book tracker, a gift tracker, and a Word Wizardry log, Booky ensures that children can keep track of all their reading-related activities. The Word Discovery Log is a special feature where kids can write down new words they learn, helping to expand their vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

With Booky the Bookworm, children embark on a magical reading quest that fosters a lifelong love for books and learning.

What will you find inside Book Quest?

Inside Book Quest, you’ll find:

  • Book Journal pages to keep track of the books you’ve read.
  • Activities like word hunts, mazes, and story sparks related to books, storytelling, and creativity.
  • Certificate of completion for those who have recorded the fantastic feat of 25 books!
  • Lists of Booky’s favorite books, authors, and illustrators to inspire and spark ideas in this beautiful reading quest.
  • Word Discovery Log to keep track of new words discovered on their reading adventures.
  • Quotes about books, reading, words.
  • Trackers to keep track of the books you’ve borrowed from the library, friends, and family, and a book gifts log to treasure the joy of receiving books as gifts.
  • Bookshelf tracker: Color the books on the bookshelf to visually track the books that have been read.
  • Bookmarks that can be colored in and cut to use while reading their books.
  • Some notes for grown-ups about the power of reading and the benefits of journaling.

Here are most of the important things you will find inside Book Quest. I hope they can be helpful and a great tool for sparking a passion for books that can lead to a lifetime of learning and growth.

What makes Book Quest different from other Book Journals?

There are few book journals for kids out there. I searched for my children and bought most of the ones I could find on Amazon. To my dismay, they always fell short of what I had expected or had in mind. They could have been better designed, and the same page was multiplied 100 times. Some had a library book tracker that I found helpful, and another had a list of the “100 most read books of all times” – but it was not a child-friendly list with books like the Bible and Don Quixote. I did not feel they sparked a passion for reading for my little ones.

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That is when I decided to create a different kind of book journal for my children, making it different in all these areas:

  • Realistic Goal Setting: While most book journals have 100 book pages, Book Quest focuses on tracking 25 books in a double spread. This allows readers more space to dive into their books, makes the goal achievable, and encourages consistent use.
  • Versatile Use: This is not only for children who know how to write, but it can also be for children who enjoy drawing and can write a few words. It allows children to write, draw, or both, accommodating various literacy levels and creative expressions. It is their choice how they want to express their feelings in their own creative way. And if your child doesn’t know how to write, you can fill it in yourself! Just chat and use this as a guide to spark a conversation!  
  • Interactive Elements: Includes Booky the Bookworm character who guides and rewards readers with activities every five books.
  • Curated Book Lists: These lists feature Booky’s favorite books by age group, tailored to children’s interests and reading levels. They include books for Ages 1-3, 4-7, and 8+.
  • Additional Tools: This book journal provides more tools than any other. It is filled with trackers for library books, gifted books, and books borrowed or lent, enhancing organization and engagement.
  • Educational Tools: It also includes a word log for new vocabulary and quotes to inspire a love for reading.

Who is Book Quest for?

This can be a great tool and a gift for children between 6 and 12 years old. I am not a teacher, but I have shared it with teachers from my children’s schools and abroad who think it would be an excellent tool for their classrooms. They specifically mentioned that between 3rd and 4th grade, many children lose their passion for reading and that it could be a wonderful way to engage them in those years. I have personally been testing it with my 8-year-old daughter and my 5-year-old son, and they are both enjoying it. The way they fill it in is entirely different.

My 8-year-old reads the books herself (except Harry Potter, which we are reading together). She uses writing as her primary way of expressing her thoughts, although she does enjoy drawing some characters as well.

My 5-year-old son cannot read by himself yet, but I read books to him. He writes only the title, three words that he has read in the book, and the date. Then, he draws the rest: his favorite character and a scene from the book or the book cover. It allows him to think, reflect, and express himself. Afterwards, I ask him to explain to me what he has created so he can convey his ideas and thoughts verbally.

What languages is Book Quest in?

Currently, “Book Quest” is available only in English, but plans are to expand and offer versions in other languages.

Please let me know if you think this journal would benefit your school, book club, or children and would like to see it in another language. The more requests I receive for a particular language, the faster I can work on translating it.

Your input is invaluable in making “Book Quest” accessible to more young readers worldwide. Please email me at to let me know your requests and feedback!

Join the Adventure – Where to buy?

For a fun and interactive way to instill a love for books in your children, “Book Quest” is an ideal resource. This unique journal is a gateway to creative expression and critical thinking. Integrating Book Quest into your child’s reading routine gives them a chance to have a lifelong literary companion.

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I have self-published Book Quest on Amazon and you will only find it there. You can find it in all Amazon stores around the world. So you can get your copy of Book Quest on Amazon and let your child’s reading adventure begin. Watch as they become avid readers, captains of imagination, and future storytellers who love literature that lasts a lifetime.

Thank you for joining our adventure!

Happy reading! ✨

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