Car Drawing For Kids – How To Make It Easy Peasy!

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Cars awaken fascination in kids and adults alike. They are one of the most loved toys in a child’s playroom (and garage 😉). The wheels that go, their colors, and their shapes just grab their attention from an early age. They can be more box-shaped, round-shaped, and even triangle-shaped. Would you like to learn how to draw a car step by step easy? Here I’ll show you three simple ways to make an easy car drawing for kids.

In this post:

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What makes a car a car?

Before we get started drawing the cars step-by-step, I thought it would be good to share my drawing process with you. So first, I research for real-life references to understand the key traits that have to be in the drawing. This is to study your subject – the car – and make sure your picture is recognizable as a car and not confused with other vehicles. It will be much easier once we understand what we will draw (whether you go for a more realistic approach or a more simple and abstract illustration).

car drawing for kids - types of vehicles 1 | the fairy glitch mother

A car is defined as a four-wheeled road vehicle powered by an engine that can carry a small number of people. Before drawing a car, it is good to look at references (images, like photography or illustrations) and understand the traits that they must have. For example, I would say they all should have the following features:

  • Four wheels
  • Road vehicle that has been built to take people from one place to another
  • Engine-powered
  • Small in size to carry between 1 and 8 people
car drawing for kids - key features of a car | the fairy glitch mother

If you have all this in your drawing, then people will recognize it as a car. I’ve drawn many different types of cars with different styles through the years, and by making sure all these traits are there, it should be recognized as a car.

Types of cars by shapes

In terms of shapes, they could be any, really! As long as they tick all the 4 critical features mentioned before. But to make it more simple for kids, I have narrowed it down to the three most basic shapes.

car drawing for kids - types of cars car by shapes | the fairy glitch mother

Initially, cars had more box-like designs with straight lines and angles. You’d say they were like rectangles with trapezes or squares.

Later on, the designs evolved to more organic and rounded designs with more curves. The most iconic is the VW Beetle. 

Lastly, sports cars and race cars have had a tendency to be more triangle-shaped, like an arrow, so they could go faster. 

How to make a car drawing for kids – Easy Peasy!

I’ve done my best to simplify how to draw a car that is very easy for kids and anyone who wants to try it really. So we have three tutorials here, one for each shape of car: more square, more round, and more triangle.

I hope you will enjoy them!

car drawing for kids - car drawing for kids how to draw a boxy car 1 | the fairy glitch mother

car drawing for kids - how to draw a round car | the fairy glitch mother

car drawing for kids - how to dran an easy race car | the fairy glitch mother

Ideas on how to color & decorate your car drawing for kids

Now that you have your car drawing, it’s time to have some fun! Cars can be any color you can imagine! And on paper, they can even have the craziest and funniest designs. They can look like whatever you want them to look! 

They can be just one color, a collage with stripes, or decorated with intricate designs and shapes. Go wild! For example, if you are drawing race cars, add numbers and checker designs.

Have a look at some of the ways I have colored and decorated them!

Get some free printables!

If you wish, here you find the step-by-step tutorial to print. In my experience, it will be easier for your little ones to follow if they have it on the table with them.

I also thought I’d make available these illustrations for you or your little ones to color if you’d like. So download and have fun with them! To do so, simply click on the image or on the button below it.

If you enjoy them I would love for you to share your creations with me. That would make my day ☺️

I really hope you like them, and if you do, I would love for you to share your creations with me. That would be fantastic, and I would add a selection of your pictures to this post to inspire other children like yours.

Cars during play and storytime

waytoplay road - dog crossing | the fairy glitch mother

My 3-year-old son loves to play with cars. He loves everything that has wheels and loves to make them run on our Waytoplay roads. The road is fantastic because you can play with it anywhere and all year long. So check out this post to see how we like to play with it and all the possibilities it offers.

But if you’d prefer to buy them on Amazon, you can also find them here.

 | the fairy glitch mother

My son loves to play with many cars. He loves combining them, and doesn’t care much about shapes, materials or sizes. These are the ones he likes to play with:

  • Melissa & Doug: race cars & vehicle set
  • Candylab Toys, we have the taxi
  • Micro Machines Disney Cars – they are tiny and adorable. In Spain they sell them individually, but here you have the whole set.
  • Le Toy Van London Set – we got this set when we were in London and it is
  • Hotwheels – I’m not a big fan, but he and his friends love them and exchange them.
  • Lubulona cars and buildings – they are so lovely.

And if your little one like cars, you must definitely check out these books & their respective movies or series:

Car drawing for kids can be entertaining and easy!

As you’ve been able to see, drawing a car can be pretty simple if you break it down into these different steps. I would love to see your drawings! (You can always share via Instagram, which might be easier).

I hope you will have enjoyed this! I know we’ve learned a lot about cars and how to draw them while working on this post, and I hope you and your little ones will have too.

Please, if you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Happy drawing!*

Updated on: March 9, 2024

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