55 Fantastic Gifts for 5 year old girls (& boys) they'll love

55 Fantastic Gifts for 5 year old girls they’ll Love!

My daughter just turned 6. Oh my! What a year! It’s been amazing to see her grow so much and how bright she is becoming. So in the days running up to her birthday, I decided to put together a list. This is a list with all the things she has played with, used more, […]

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas

6 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas She Will Love!

It was my daughter’s 6th birthday recently. She was so happy! I feel she has grown up a lot in just so little time. And from the look of her birthday gifts, I see her interests have shifted and grown. So I’ve put together this list of 6 year old girl birthday gift ideas that

Short movies for kids - feature

Best Short Movies For Kids! Fantastic For All!

I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies. My husband and I would go with our friends on Friday nights to see the latest releases before we were ever married. We loved it. Our movie nights have changed; they are not night-outs but night-ins after the children have fallen asleep. But when our daughter was 2

50 Best Gifts for Toddlers

50 Best Gifts For Toddlers That 2 Year Olds Will Love!

My son is turning 3 this week. For the past weeks we’ve been researching what would be a great gift for a 3 year old boy… and in doing so, I realised I now have a very fresh idea of everything he’s used and really enjoyed as a 2 year old. All the toys, books,

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