Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Set - Featured Image

Scoop & Serve: The Melissa And Doug Ice Cream Set Guide That You’ll Love

Are you ready to scoop up some fun with Melissa and Doug’s delightful ice cream sets? The magnetic play set and the wooden counter offer a sweet way to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. Not sure which Melissa and Doug Ice Cream set is best for your playroom? We’ve got you covered. We’ve bought […]

Grapat Mis&Match featured Image - Building a rainbow with the cubes on the Mis&Match box

New Grapat Mis&Match: Unleashing Creativity for All

Grapat loose parts have always been a fantastic canvas for open-ended play. If you’re new to them, you might wonder, “What exactly do you do with these?” Allow me to shed some light by sharing the myriad ways we’ve enjoyed playing with them over the years. The Grapat Mis&Match set, with its vibrant collection of

New Grapat 2024 - Dear Universe

New Grapat 2024: from Dear Universe to Mis & Match! 

Early this month, I had the incredible privilege of attending the Spielwarenmesse, the world’s foremost toy fair, held annually in Nuremberg at the end of January and the beginning of February. For me, it was a much-anticipated journey into the heart of the toy industry. And a particular highlight was visiting the Grapat stand. As

Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair Basket Summary

Wonderful Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024: What a Magical Week!

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, for the second time. This annual event is a paradise for toy enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, and my experience this year was nothing short of amazing. Although I spent most of my time working at the Connetix

The Fairy Glitch Mother Stapelstein

+50 Stapelstein Play Ideas & Why We Love It

Do you know what Stapelstein are? Until a year ago, I had never seen them, but for the past year, they have been popping up on my Instagram feed and everywhere open-ended toy-related online. Their vibrant colors and intriguing designs piqued my curiosity, sparking my interest in a world where simplicity meets boundless potential. I

Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid

Great Ways to Play with the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid

Do you ever wonder what else you can do with your Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid? Looking for ideas for how to use it at home? Or asking yourself if it should be added to your playroom? I must confess that we love it and we play a lot with it at home! For this reason,

Gifts for a 4 year old

Magical Gifts For A 4 Year Old Boy You’ll Love

As my kid is turning the big five, I can’t believe how crazy and incredible this past year has been! I’ve been reminiscing about all the cool stuff he’s totally been into as a four-year-old, and as I did last year: why not put together a list of his absolute favorites? I bet it could

Cuboro Blog Post

The Magic of CUBORO Marble Runs: A Toy You’ll All Love

CUBORO marble runs have captivated people of all ages for decades with their intricate designs, endless possibilities, and satisfying marble rolling sounds. Whether you’re a child or even an adult, there’s something undeniably fascinating about watching a tiny marble wind its way through a maze of blocks, ramps, and channels. We’ve had CUBORO in our

Grimms Rainbows

The Magic of Grimms Rainbows: A Fantastic Investment for Families

Rainbows are beautiful in the sky, but have you ever seen a rainbow toy? Grimm’s rainbows are a popular toy among parents and educators alike due to their versatility and ability to inspire creativity. But did you know that there are different types of Grimms rainbows?  We love the Grimm’s rainbows at home. It has

Waldorf Toys Mess

Fantastic Waldorf Toys To Unleash Your Child’s Imagination

Waldorf toys have been gaining popularity among parents and educators in recent years. Rooted in the Waldorf education system, these toys are designed to encourage creativity, imagination, and open-ended play. The emphasis on natural materials, simple designs, and sustainability has made them a favorite among families seeking to incorporate eco-friendly and educational toys into their

Sarah's Playsilks Six Solid Playsilks in Rainbow Display

Wonderful Sarah’s Silks Playsilks – A Great Open-ended Gift For Kids

Play is essential for children’s development, and having suitable toys can help foster creativity, imagination, and exploration. Playsilks are a type of toy that has recently gained popularity for their versatility and open-ended nature. At home, we have Sarah’s Silks Playsilks, and we love them. I want to share with you why we love our

Open-Ended Toys

Wonderful Open-Ended Toys To Encourage Creativity and Imagination!

When it comes to choosing toys for our children, there are endless options available in the market. However, what I love most about open-ended toys is that they are an invitation to creativity. Unlike toys with a specific purpose or outcome, open-ended toys allow children to use their imagination and explore endless possibilities. The less

Duplo Spiderman Headquarters Set Feature

Ways to Play with Lego Duplo Spiderman Set – You’ll Love it!

Does your little one love Spiderman? Mine does 😉 So we got him the Lego Duplo Spiderman Headquarters Set and he’s explored the fantastic world of superheroes with it! Your child can experience all the excitement of creating adventures and a superhero story with Spiderman and his friends. We’ve had this set for over a

Bath toys - Feature

11 Wonderful Bath Toys for Children – Make Bathtime More Fun (& Easy)

Bath time is a crucial part of any kid’s day. But it’s not just about getting clean and squeaky clean but also about having fun and spending quality time with your child. We all know that bathtime is not always the easiest time of the day. I’ve had to ask them to get undressed and inside

Yoto Player & Yoto Cards

Why We Love Yoto Player & How My Children Use It!

Are you considering getting an audio player for your child? Is your little one asking you to play content on your phone (music, stories, games), but you’re not keen on letting them be on the screen? Do you want them to be able to choose what they want to listen independently? If you’re looking for

Magnetic tiles Comparison - Magna-Tiles, Connetix, Playmags

Wonderful Magnetic Tiles – Which Are The Best For You?

Magnetic tiles are one of the best toys your children could have. At home, we love them. My children play with them daily. They are fabulous for many reasons, but I especially love them because my kids, a girl and a boy aged three years apart, enjoy playing together with them. And when friends come

40 Gifts for 6 year old girls - Featured Image

Wonderful Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls – 40+ Ideas!

Your little girl deserves something special, but are you still trying to figure out what to get her? I hope you find what you are looking for here. My daughter will be turning seven this week. Another year has gone by in a flash! And I thought that, now that I still have her sixth

Our favorite water toys

10 Wonderful Water Toys to make Water Play magical

Playing with water can be so enriching for kids. I know the mess and spills can be scary. But, given the right environment and engaging water toys, it can be an enlightening, entertaining, and fun activity for all.  I wasn’t into it right away. My children only played with water during bath time or at

Gifts for a 3 year old he'll love

50 Best Gifts for a 3 year old that he’ll love!

My son is turning four this week. What a year it has been! And I thought that, now that I still have his third year very present, I would put together a list of everything he has enjoyed the most as a three-year-old. It might be helpful for those researching ideas for gifts for a

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