Elephant Drawing For Kids – How To Make It Easy Peasy!

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Elephants are some of the most amazing animals on our planet. They are native from Asia and Africa and are the largest land mammals weighing up to 9 tons (like 3 orcas or like 5 hippos or like 9 rhinos). These magnificent animals have been celebrated in many cultures as a symbol of strength, wisdom and good luck. It’s no wonder they awaken such fascination in kids and adults alike. Would you like to learn how to draw an elephant easy? Here I’ll show you a simple way to make an elephant drawing for kids (and share some facts about these magnificent animals).

In this post:

What makes an elephant an elephant?

Before we dive into drawing the elephant step-by-step I thought it would be good to share with you my drawing process. First, I research for real life references to understand what are the key traits that have to be in the drawing. This is to study the subject – in this case the elephant – so you will make your elephant recognisable as an elephant. Once we understand what we are going to draw then it is much easier (either if you go for a more realistic approach or a more simple and abstract illustration).

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To be able to draw an elephant so that people recognise it, it is good to look at references (images, like photography or illustrations) and understanding what are the traits that they must have. I would say they all should have the following:

  • Long trunk
    Did you know?? Elephants use their trunks for a number of things: to greet other elephants, pick up things, trumpet warnings and suck up water for drinking or bathing.
  • Columnar legs
  • Large flat ears
    Did you know that elephants use their ears to dissipate their body heat? The warmer the climate, the bigger the ears. That is why African elephants have larger ears… but we’ll get to this shortly.
  • Colossal bodies
  • Sometimes they have tusks

If you’d like to know more about elephants, check out this article from the Britannica Encyclopedia.

elephant drawing for kids - blog post featured images | the fairy glitch mother

If you have all this in your drawing then people will recognise it as an elephant. I’ve drawn many different types of elephants with different styles through the years, and by making sure all these traits are there it should be recognised as an elephant.

What’s the difference between Asian and African elephants?

Now, to make it simple there are two big generic species of elephants. The Asian elephants and the African elephants. And although they are elephants you will see they are different. I’ll just share with you the key and most obvious differentiators:

how-to-draw-an-elephant-understanding differences | the fairy glitch mother

You can learn more about their differences on this article from the Encyclopedia Britannica “What’s the Difference Between Asian and African Elephants?” .

How to make an elephant drawing for kids – Easy peasy!

elephant drawing for kids - easy peasy 2 elephants | the fairy glitch mother

I’ve done my best to simplify how to draw an elephant so that is very easy for kids and anyone who wants to try it really. You’ll see you have two tutorials, basically the same, but so you can draw either an Asian elephant or an African elephant. There are just 3 differences: the ears, the head and the tusks.

I hope you will enjoy them!

elephant drawing for kids - asian elephant step by step | the fairy glitch mother
how to draw an elephant easy - african elephant step by step | the fairy glitch mother

Finally, regarding the eyes, there are just so many different styles. Eyes are the window to the soul 😉 and also help define your style and personality. You can draw:

  • 2 eyes
  • 1 eye
  • with eyelashes
  • with eyebrows

Feel free to draw the style you like best! They will look amazing whichever you decide!

elephant drawing for kids - eyes | the fairy glitch mother

Ideas on how to colour & decorate your elephant

Now that you have your elephant it’s time to have some fun! 😄 Elephants can be grey or brown in nature, but on your sheet of paper magic can happen and they can be whatever you want them to be!

They can be just one colour, a collage, with shapes, or decorated with intricate designs inspired from foreign lands.

Have a look at some of the ways I have coloured and decorated them!

Get some free printables!

So, here you have the step-by-step tutorial to print. It will be easier for your little ones to follow if they have it on the table with them.

I also thought I’d make available these illustrations for you or your little ones to color if you wish. Download and have fun with them! To do so Click on the image or on the button below it.

If you enjoy them I would love for you to share your creations with me. That would make my day ☺️

Famous elephants in books & movies

And if you like elephants you must definitely check out these famous characters.

  • Elmer by David McKee
  • Babar by Jean de Brunhoff
  • Dumbo – Disney
  • Ellie – Pocoyo TV show

Check out some books with elephants and other animal books in this post.

Elephant drawing for kids can be very fun and easy!

As you’ve been able to see, drawing an elephant can be quite simple if you break it down into these 12 steps. I would love to see your drawings! (You can always share via Instagram which might be easier 😉 )

I hope you will have enjoyed this! I know we’ve learned a lot about elephants while working on this post and I hope you and your little ones will have too.

Please, if you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate in letting me know!

Happy drawing!*

Updated on: March 10, 2024

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