Magical Gifts For A 4 Year Old Boy You’ll Love

gifts for a 4 year old | the fairy glitch mother

As my kid is turning the big five, I can’t believe how crazy and incredible this past year has been! I’ve been reminiscing about all the cool stuff he’s totally been into as a four-year-old, and as I did last year: why not put together a list of his absolute favorites? I bet it could help other parents searching for ideas for gifts for a 4 year old boy. Seriously, it’s always a puzzle figuring out what they’ll love!

So, I’ve gathered everything that made him smile, learn, grow, and create epic memories in this gift guide. We’ve got a mix of toys, books, and cool things that have rocked his world, and now I wanna share it with all of you before we hit the big five-year mark!

This list will be super relaxed, with all the goodies organized into different categories like Books, Toys, Board Games, Outdoor Fun, Musical Magic, Artsy Stuff, and Experiments (yep, we’ve gone mad scientist a few times!). Trust me, these picks have played a massive role in his growth, and they’re just plain fun!

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I know some of these things might be easier to find in Europe, but no worries! The vibe is universal, so you can probably find similar stuff from local brands wherever you are. I’m pretty sure 4 year olds like mostly the same things around the globe. Although this is about my son’s preferences, it can be for any child as well.

So, here it is – our epic list of the absolute coolest stuff that’s blown our little boy’s mind during his fourth year. Hoping it brings joy to your little ones too! And hey, I’ll drop some Amazon links when I can because convenience is key when you’re a busy parent on the go!

Get ready to rock the gift-giving game and make some awesome memories with your kiddos. Turning five will be a blast, and we’re excited to share this list with you! Happy gifting and celebrating, everyone! 🎉

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you; when you buy through the links, we may earn a small commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks! 


books for 5 year old - odd dog out | the fairy glitch mother

1-Odd Dog Out – by Rob Biddulph

We just love this book! Get ready for some book magic! “Odd Dog Out” is a true masterpiece, a heartwarming tale of self-acceptance and embracing our uniqueness. The story follows a standout dog who ventures beyond his town to find a place where he belongs, only to discover that he was never odd; he’s perfect just the way he is.

This book is a must-read, reminding kids and adults to celebrate their differences and be proud of who they are. And guess what? There’s an enchanting read-out-loud version that my little ones will absolutely adore. You’ll all enjoy it! Take advantage of this delightful journey of self-discovery, wrapped in the beauty of illustrations and a powerful message of love and acceptance. 

bluey books that kids will love! | the fairy glitch mother

2-Bluey Books

The Bluey books have been an absolute delight in our house this year! Ever since our little ones discovered the show, they’ve been hooked! We’ve enjoyed a whole collection of Bluey books – storybooks that take us on exciting adventures, sticker books that add an extra layer of fun, and look-and-find books that keep them engaged for hours. They’ve become cherished companions in our reading time, and I even wrote an article about them to share our love for these beautiful books.

If you’re looking for delightful stories, interactive fun, and loads of laughter, the Bluey books are an absolute must-have for every young fan. They’ve brought so much joy to our family, and we can’t get enough of them! 

books for 5 year olds - the day the crayons quit | the fairy glitch mother

3- The Day the Crayons Quit – Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers

Oh, let me tell you about this fantastic book called “The Day the Crayons Quit” – it’s an absolute gem! Duncan’s all set to color, but when he opens his crayon box, guess what? They’ve all gone on strike! Yep, that’s right – each crayon sends Duncan a letter saying they’ve had enough.

Red’s exhausted from always coloring Santa and Valentine’s Day hearts, Purple’s fed up with coloring outside the lines, and Black is over being used only for outlines. Even Yellow and Orange are squabbling, trying to claim they’re the true color of the sun! Can you imagine? The letters just keep coming, and it’s pure hilarity. We all adore this brilliant and original book, a delightful tale that’ll tickle your funny bone and leave you with a big smile. You’ve got to check it out!

dragon books for kids - zog | the fairy glitch mother

4- Zog – Julia Donaldson & Axel Sheffler

Let me introduce you to the adorable Zog, the friendliest dragon you’ll ever meet! He’s excited to attend dragon school and learn the essential skills grown dragons need – flying, roaring, breathing fire, capturing princesses, and battling knights. But what Zog truly desires is to win a sparkling golden star. He puts his heart and soul into trying his best, but earning that star proves to be quite a challenge. It’s a heartwarming tale celebrating effort, persistence, friendship, and the courage to chase your dreams, even if they’re a little out of the ordinary. This lovely story will capture your heart and inspire you to reach for the stars!

julia donaldson book collection - zog | the fairy glitch mother

5- Zog and the Flying Doctors – Julia Donaldson & Axel Sheffler

Go on a magical adventure with Zog, Princess Pearl, and Gadabout the Knight as they journey through the pages of this book, caring for enchanting creatures wherever they go. But on one fateful day, their visit to Princess Pearl’s uncle takes an unexpected turn. He captures her, believing that princesses shouldn’t and couldn’t be doctors. But with the unwavering support of her friends, Pearl proves him wrong! This inspiring tale beautifully showcases the power of determination and the belief that princesses can be anything they set their hearts on, including brave and brilliant doctors! 

 | the fairy glitch mother

6- The Rabbit Listened – Cori Doerrfeld

Get ready to be touched by this heartwarming and poignant tale, a true gem that teaches us about empathy, kindness, and emotional resilience. Meet Taylor, whose incredible building block creation comes crashing down when some birds fly by, leaving him utterly devastated and unsure of how to cope. Each animal friend tries to offer solutions – the chicken suggests chatting it out, the bear advises getting angry – but none seem to bring comfort. Until Rabbit arrives, and instead of offering advice, he simply listens. This beautiful story reminds us of the power of being present, showing empathy, and using words to express our emotions. It’s a moving journey that underscores the importance of understanding and supporting one another. Simply wonderful.


connetix mega pack | the fairy glitch mother

7- Connetix

Oh, let me tell you, magnetic tiles are an absolute hit in our house – the ultimate favorite toys that get played with every single day! They’re just unbeatable when it comes to fun and learning, and the best part is kids don’t even realize they’re learning while they play. Among all the brands, Connetix stands out as our top choice. Their tiles are fantastic – crystal clear, brilliantly designed, and adorned with delightful pastel colors that make building big and impressive structures a breeze. If you’re looking to elevate your playroom game, these magnetic tiles are an absolute must-have!

waytoplay road - flower track | the fairy glitch mother

8- Waytoplay

These flexible roads are an absolute dream come true for kids who adore cars and all things wheels! The possibilities are endless as they let their imagination run wild, crafting entire cities and road designs of their dreams. And the best part? These roads are as flexible as can be, super durable, and even waterproof – talk about the perfect playtime companion for indoor, outdoor, and waterplay fun! You’ve got to check them out to see why we’re head over heels for these fantastic roads! 


 | the fairy glitch mother

9- Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid (LSP)

I wish we had discovered these building blocks earlier for our eldest, but they turned out to be an absolute gem for our four-year-old son! He’s been having a blast with them, using them to build epic cities, ball runs, and countless other awesome creations. And here’s the secret sauce – when you pair them with other fantastic toys like the Grimm’s Rainbow, the fun level goes through the roof! Seriously, it’s like a perfect match made in playtime heaven. If you’ve got a four-year-old in the house, these blocks are an absolute must-have for endless hours of imaginative fun! 

 | the fairy glitch mother

10- Toy Kitchen

We used to have an IKEA kitchen for my daughter – which was great! -, and I must admit I got rid of it too soon (my son was two years old then). I didn’t want to get a big one again, but this year he enjoyed pretend playing with food and “cooking” delicious meals for us, so I got him an ideal small kitchen from Zara Home—a Kitchen in a box. You can quickly put it away when he is not interested in it, but he goes to get it more often than I would have expected. Pretend play & role-playing is essential at this age, and having something similar to a kitchen is a beautiful thing to have around.

 | the fairy glitch mother

11- Doctor Kit – Janod

Role-playing is a real game-changer at this age! And playing doctor is a super fun way to nurture their imagination. Having a doctor set handy makes it even easier for them to dive into their pretend medical world. Watching them transform into little nurses, doctors, or even veterinarians, caring for their family members or all their plush pals, is incredible.

This year, we’ve had countless doctor play sessions, and let me tell you, the joy it brings is simply priceless! It’s a fantastic activity that sparks their creativity and helps them develop essential skills while having a blast. So, if you’re looking to add some magic to playtime, a doctor set is definitely a must-have in your playroom arsenal! 

magnetibook dinosaurs | the fairy glitch mother

12- Magnetibook – Janod

These magnetic activity “books” from Janod are an absolute delight! We’ve got the space-themed one and the dinosaur one, and our little one can’t get enough of it – pure magic! And the ABC set? Oh, it’s a winner too! It’s been fantastic in encouraging him to spell words and explore the world of letters. The best part is these books are perfect for home play or taking on the go, making them a versatile and cherished addition to our playroom. We’re head over heels for these Janod gems – they’ve truly won our hearts! 

 | the fairy glitch mother

13- Firetruck

Oh boy, a car-loving kid with a thing for service vehicles? You know what he totally needs – a firetruck! Well, maybe not technically “need,” but boy, does he absolutely love it! We surprised him with this fantastic firetruck from Janod, and it’s been a hit! It comes with three brave firefighters, and he can’t get enough of it.

The best part is this firetruck is so cool and minimalistic that it’s even doubled up as a London double-decker bus in his imaginative world. How awesome is that? It’s pure wonder and excitement all around, and we’re thrilled to have this versatile and beloved addition to our toy collection. 

sara | the fairy glitch mother's Silks Playsilks Primary set

14- Playsilks – Sarah’s Silks

You’ve got to check out playsilks – they’re simply amazing! We’ve got the beautiful Sarah’s Silks, and let me tell you, they’re a game-changer! These silky wonders are incredibly versatile and can be used for a whole bunch of imaginative play. They transform into blankets, flags, capes, dresses, slings, doll carriers, wings – you name it! The possibilities are endless, and they truly ignite their creativity. We’re in love with our playsilks – they’ve become an absolute favorite in our playtime adventures. If you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration, check out this blog post about them! 

 | the fairy glitch mother

15- Dr. Ziggs Bubbles

Bubbles are an absolute fascination for kids of all ages, but when they’re still little, they’re like pure magic! And guess what? Dr. Ziggs’s sets to make giant bubbles are simply fantastic! Outdoor play, beach days, birthday parties – you name it, these bubbles will surely be a big, bubbly hit! It’s a world of wonder and joy as these giant bubbles float and shimmer, bringing laughter and smiles to all. Trust me, these sets are a must-have for any bubbly adventure, and they’re an absolute blast for kids and adults alike!

duplo - gift for a 4 year old boy | the fairy glitch mother

16- Duplos

Starting with smaller-sized Legos is a great idea (they’ve got sets for 4-year-olds!), but don’t count out Duplos just yet – they’re still fantastic for this age too! And here’s a little pro tip: you can pair them with train connectors and tracks to create even more intricate train structures at various levels of fun! Before you think about parting ways with these toys, consider giving them a new lease on life by combining them. It’s a whole new world of creative possibilities waiting to be explored! 

gift 2 year old - train set | the fairy glitch mother

17- Train set

Trains are an absolute blast for kids who love all things that go, enjoy landscaping, and have a flair for creating cities. It’s a world of imagination, planning, and bringing to life the visions they hold in their heads. With trains, they embark on thrilling journeys, build landscapes, and craft bustling cities – it’s pure creative magic at play! So, if you’ve got a little engineer in the making, hop on board the train adventure and watch their imagination soar!

 | the fairy glitch mother

18- Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels cars are an absolute thrill for kids who adore everything on wheels! Whether they’re racing, performing daredevil stunts, or exploring imaginary worlds, these tiny speedsters ignite excitement and adventure. With Hot Wheels, little ones can use them on their own race tracks (we use our Waytoplay roads), construct epic jumps, and create thrilling challenges for their cars to conquer. It’s a world of high-speed imagination, where they become race champions, master builders, and intrepid explorers all in one! 

bluey figures | the fairy glitch mother

19- Bluey figures

These Bluey little toy figurines – they’re an absolute delight! This set includes Bluey, her sister Bingo, and their loving parents, Chilli and Bandit. They’re perfect for sparking imaginative small-world play and going on all sorts of exciting adventures! At home, we absolutely adore Bluey and her family.

The show is a fantastic source of inspiration, encouraging imagination, creativity, and playtime fun. With these toy figurines, kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the show or invent brand-new stories of their own. It’s a world of endless possibilities and laughter-filled moments, just like in Bluey’s world! I just love seeing their imaginations soar. 

dozy dinkum | the fairy glitch mother

20- Dozy Dinkum – Olli Ella

I had a realization that my son had never experienced the joy of playing with baby dolls at home. Perhaps I got so caught up in open-ended toys, creativity, sensory play, and early learning that I overlooked this beautiful aspect of symbolic play. He didn’t seem interested, but I wondered if it was my own preconceived notions from my brother’s childhood.

Then, I decided to introduce him to the Dozy Dinkum doll, and it was a revelation! His affectionate response surprised me, and he handled the doll with the gentlest touch. Witnessing him care for the doll was heartwarming, and it reminded me that every child, regardless of gender, can benefit from nurturing play. So, at the age of 4, gifting him this baby doll was truly a delightful and meaningful decision!

Board Games

 | the fairy glitch mother

21- Save the Cat

Get ready for an action-packed rescue mission with this thrilling game! As brave firefighters, we join forces to put out fires and save a precious kitten trapped on the roof. It’s all about teamwork and quick thinking as we keep our eyes peeled and spray water like pros! This cooperative family board game teaches valuable skills like decision-making, counting, and patience. Together, we’ll embark on an exciting adventure, working as a team to rescue the cat from fiery dangers. So, gather ’round and get ready to save the day in this heart-pounding game of bravery and teamwork!  

 | the fairy glitch mother

22- Orangutan

We love Londji games, and this one is great! They’ve come up with a super fun game where everyone repeats each other’s sounds and gestures – and they need your help to join in the fun! It is an exciting challenge as you remember the sequence of sounds and gestures created by all the players using the images on the playing cards. The goal is to catch all three orangutans before the bananas run out!

This game not only boosts mental agility, creative response, and memory but also offers game variables to adjust the difficulty and age range. Plus, it’s a great way to combat shyness in children, teens, and even adults! It’s a fantastic game to play as a family with people of all ages with this fun sound and gesture card memory game. Let’s see who can master the orangutan’s playful moves! 

postman | the fairy glitch mother

23- Postman

The Postman game has been a beloved part of our home for years, and this year, my son has finally discovered its magic! It’s an awesome seek-and-find game that takes us on a thrilling adventure through a puzzling city. Our mission? To help deliver letters to different houses as fast as we can! The race is on, and the fastest player to deliver all the cards wins!

With the board pieces that can be attached in countless ways, there are over a hundred different combinations to explore. That means we can play this exciting game over and over without ever memorizing the locations of the houses! It’s a fresh challenge every time, and the fun never stops. So, gear up for some letter-delivering excitement and let the Postman game be your go-to family favorite for endless adventures in the mysterious cityscape! 

 | the fairy glitch mother

24- Drac

Meet Drac from Londji! We absolutely love it! My 4-year-old son was instantly mesmerized by this adorable dragon. He’s been busy creating baby dragons, papa dragons, and all sorts of imaginative circles – it’s a dragon bonanza! This game truly lives up to its description as a calming activity.

It encourages him to slow down and go with the flow, making it a perfect pre-bedtime creative session to help him unwind and prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep. Drac has become a cherished companion in our evenings, and we’re thrilled to see our little one’s imagination take flight with this charming game. A big thumbs up for Drac from Londji!

 | the fairy glitch mother

25- Where is the Cheese?

Another fantastic observation game for the whole family! Help your cook find the ten dinner ingredients in a jiffy. It’s a quick 10-minute game, perfect for little ones ages 3 and up. Get ready for some fun with 2-6 players joining in on the culinary adventure! 

Outdoor toys

 | the fairy glitch mother

26- Stapelsteins

These gems are a recent addition to our home, and what a delightful discovery they’ve been! We’ve got the Originals, the balance board, and the insides – all equally amazing. They’ve become an invitation for my children to play in countless ways, and I absolutely adore them. With less done by the toy, their imagination takes flight, and these pieces truly spark creativity like no other! I’ve included them here in outdoor fun, because we’ve played with them a lot in the pool, and in the garden, but they can also be used indoors for many purposes. They are simply an amazing open-ended toy!

gifts-for-5-year-old-girls-bicycle | the fairy glitch mother

27- Bicycle

This year, my son received a special gift – his elder sister’s bicycle with stabilizers. She got it when she was five and outgrew it, and now it’s his turn to enjoy the two-wheeled adventure! He absolutely loves it! We’ve been practicing without the stabilizers, and he’s making great progress. With each try, he’s getting closer to riding on his own! I can see him soaring on that bike very soon – just a few more shots, and he’ll be cruising like a pro! 

 | the fairy glitch mother

28- Re-usable water balloons

Oh, what an incredible find! These are the ultimate game-changers for outdoor summer water fun! Unlike the old disposable water balloons, these gems are reusable, which means no more environmental worries. They’re incredibly versatile, perfect for all kinds of play scenarios. After use, simply store the water bombs for the next round of excitement – it’s that easy! And the best part? These splash balls are crafted from soft silicone, making them gentle and safe. With magnetic closures, they’re a breeze to use – no fuss, just pure fun!


yoto player playing the highway rat | the fairy glitch mother

29- Yoto Player

The Yoto is hands down one of the most fantastic gifts for children! It empowers them to take charge of their listening choices without any screens involved. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! One of the most fantastic features is the built-in nightlight that keeps them company at bedtime, and the best part is how incredibly easy it is to use. With so many cards and an amazing podcast selection, it’s simply the best audio companion for kids! It’s a win-win all around, and I highly recommend it to every parent out there.


play dough creature | the fairy glitch mother

30- Play Dough

Play dough is an absolute favorite in our household! Not only is it loads of fun, but it also works wonders for developing fine motor skills and sparking creativity in kids. We love how it opens up a world of imagination, and using different tools with it adds an extra layer of excitement to playtime. Since my daughter has celiac disease, we make sure to buy gluten-free Dough, we love SES Creative, so she can enjoy every moment of this sensory delight without any worries. It’s the perfect playtime companion, and we can’t get enough of it!

the fairy glitch mother favicon square | the fairy glitch mother

31- Clay

Modeling clay is a true treasure in our creative toolkit! While it shares the same joy of play as Play Dough, its unique texture adds an extra dimension of excitement to our projects. We love that it has the fantastic ability to dry, giving our creations a permanent form that we can proudly display or even gift to loved ones. And the best part? We can bring our masterpieces to life with a splash of color by painting them! It’s a fantastic way to explore artistic expression and turn our imaginative ideas into tangible works of art. From sculpting small figurines to crafting intricate designs, modeling clay is our go-to for endless hours of creative fun!

writing boards | the fairy glitch mother

32- Writing boards

Whiteboards are a hit in our home – they’re like a magic canvas for endless creativity! Our little ones absolutely love doodling, practicing letters, words, and numbers on these handy boards. The best part? With a quick wipe using a baby wipe, it’s a clean slate, ready for the next round of artistic adventures! It’s a fantastic way to encourage learning, play, and imagination without any mess. These compact whiteboards are truly a gem, providing hours of fun and learning in a neat and easy-to-use package!

bath crayons - gift for 4 year old boy | the fairy glitch mother

33- Bath Crayons

These Honey Sticks Bath Crayons are ideal for bathtime fun! We use them to write new words, or for them to share how their day has gone. (When I’ve felt he wasn’t happy from school, and didn’t want to talk about it, I suggested he drew it on the wall and it was eye-opening). The set includes seven vibrant colors for creative tub, tile, and glass doodling. And the best part? They wash off effortlessly with a damp cloth – even my 4-year-old can do it! 

Bath Crayons.


3 year old boy birthday gift ideas - mix measurements | the fairy glitch mother

34- Learning Resources – Experiment sets

Discover the captivating world of science with Learning Resources Experiment Kits! Their sets have been our go-to for endless hours of fun and learning, in the kitchen and during bath-time. It’s like a spark of inspiration that ignites so many ideas and experiments. My little one has been absolutely fascinated by mixing liquids, experimenting with food coloring, exploring different densities, and drawing conclusions from the entire process. It’s an engaging and hands-on experience that nurtures their curiosity and love for science. We love them! 

inspire my play - play tray | the fairy glitch mother

35- Play Tray – Inspire MyPlay

Sensory play used to intimidate me, especially with all the messy ideas I saw on Instagram and Pinterest. But I learned it doesn’t have to be that way – you can keep it as clean as you’re comfortable with. The Play Tray has been a game-changer for us. It’s so versatile and easy to move around – play on the floor, any table, or even outdoors. Perfect for holidays or visits to grandparents!

Plus, the deep tray and lid can be used as a flat surface, and those 6 compartments are super handy for sorting and setting up inviting play scenes. You can use it with water, pasta, play dough, rice, and more – the options are endless. Check out their website for more ideas – it’s a treasure trove of free sensory play and activity suggestions!


Final thoughts on gifting a 4 year old boy

Choosing the perfect gift for a 4-year-old can be both exciting and rewarding. From imaginative play to educational toys, there are plenty of options to stimulate their curiosity and creativity. Whether it’s building with magnetic tiles, embarking on adventures with Bluey books, or engaging in sensory play with modeling clay, these gifts are sure to bring joy and laughter to any little one.

Remember, the best gifts are the ones that encourage learning, exploration, and most importantly, fun! So, take a cue from your child’s interests and preferences, and choose something that will captivate their imagination and provide hours of enjoyment. I personally love open-ended toys, because they can grow with your child and are more versatile and have a longer life-span. That is why you’ll have seen so many on our list 😉

As they continue to grow and develop, these gifts will not only entertain but also nurture their cognitive and motor skills. I hope this list can be helpful and give you some ideas of things to consider for your little one. So, go ahead and surprise your 4-year-old with a gift that will bring smiles and happy memories for years to come. Happy gifting! 🎁🌈🎉

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Updated on: March 8, 2024

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