Great Ways to Play with the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid

grimms large stepped pyramid | the fairy glitch mother

Do you ever wonder what else you can do with your Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid? Looking for ideas for how to use it at home? Or asking yourself if it should be added to your playroom? I must confess that we love it and we play a lot with it at home! For this reason, I’ve gathered many ways we’ve played with the LSP to give you more ideas.

The Large Stepped Pyramid is one of the best-selling toys from Grimms. Honestly, it’s not surprising because it’s lovely and very versatile. This open-ended toy is an invitation to so many possibilities. We had had it on our wish list for a couple of years (I wish I had gotten it sooner), but you can only have so many things; better late than never. My son is four and enjoying it a lot!

So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of this captivating toy and discover how it has transformed how we play, learn, and grow together.

In this post:

  • What is the Large Stepped Pyramid?
  • Our story with the LSP
  • Why do we like playing with the LSP?
  • Two versions of the LSP: Color or Natural?
  • How to use the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid?
  • Our favorite Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid Play Ideas
  • About Grimms
  • Is the Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid Worth it?
  • Where to buy?
  • A toy that will grow with your children

What is the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid?

grimms large stepped pyramid on the floor | the fairy glitch mother

The Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid is a beautifully crafted wooden toy that consists of 100 colorful blocks in various sizes and shapes. The blocks are made of high-quality, sustainably harvested lime wood dyed with non-toxic, water-based stains.

The blocks come in a combination of vibrant colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The different sizes and shapes of the blocks make them perfect for building structures, creating patterns, and exploring different shapes and sizes.

The pyramid-shaped design of the toy adds to its visual appeal, and the various levels of the pyramid provide a unique and challenging building experience. The blocks fit together snugly, making them ideal for building towers, bridges, and other structures without fear of collapsing easily.

The Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid is not only a fun toy, but it also promotes the development of important skills such as hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, problem-solving, and creativity. It’s a timeless toy that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, making it a fabulous addition to any playroom or educational setting.

Overall, the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid is a beautifully designed and well-crafted toy that provides endless opportunities for play, exploration, and learning.

Our story with the LSP

For years, the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid had been on my wish list. I had heard so much about this beautifully crafted wooden toy, with its 100 colorful blocks in various sizes and shapes. Finally, last Christmas, Santa brought it to me as a gift. I was overjoyed!

As soon as I opened the package, I could see why the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid was so highly regarded. The colors of the blocks were vibrant and gorgeous, and the pyramid-shaped design was visually stunning. I couldn’t wait to start playing with it.

But it wasn’t just me who was drawn to the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid. The children in my life were immediately captivated by it as well. We spent hours building towers, creating patterns, and experimenting with different shapes and sizes. It was so much fun to see the children’s imaginations come to life as they explored the endless possibilities of the toy.

After a few months of playing with the colored version, we were lucky enough to be approached by Grimms. They were releasing a new natural version of the toy in February 2023, and they asked us to try it out and help create content sharing how we liked to play with it. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to test out the new version.

grimms large stepped pyramid natural putting it together | the fairy glitch mother

When the natural version arrived, we were just as impressed as we had been with the colored version. The natural wood finish highlighted the beauty and warmth of the wood, and it was fascinating to explore the different textures of the blocks.

Now, we have both versions of the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid, and I can’t decide which one I like best. We use both equally for many days of play, and we are loving it. It’s amazing how this simple toy has brought so much joy and creativity into our lives. I’m grateful to have had the chance to experience both versions of this wonderful toy.

Why do we like playing with the LSP?

Playing with open-ended toys like the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid can have numerous benefits for children’s development. Here are some of the benefits of playing with building blocks:

  1. Encourages creativity and imagination: Building blocks allow children to use their imaginations and create original structures and designs. This type of open-ended play promotes creativity and fosters a sense of innovation.
  2. Develops spatial awareness: Building blocks help children develop spatial awareness by allowing them to experiment with different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. This can enhance their ability to understand and navigate the physical world around them.
  3. Promotes problem-solving skills: Building structures with blocks requires children to think critically and problem-solve. They must consider the size and shape of each block, as well as the balance and stability of their design. Playing with blocks can help children develop important problem-solving skills that can be applied to many areas of their lives.
  4. Enhances fine motor skills: Building blocks require children to use their hands and fingers to manipulate the blocks and create their designs. This type of play can enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are essential for many activities, including writing, drawing, and using tools.
  5. Builds social skills: Playing with building blocks can also help children develop social skills, such as communication, cooperation, and sharing. When children build structures together, they must learn to work together and negotiate their ideas to create a shared vision.
  6. Fosters a sense of accomplishment: Building structures with blocks can be a challenging and rewarding experience for children. As they create and complete their designs, they can develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

Playing with open-ended toys like the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid can provide numerous benefits for children’s development. From enhancing creativity and imagination to promoting problem-solving skills and social skills, building blocks are a timeless and valuable toy that can provide endless hours of play and learning.

Two versions of the LSP: Color or Natural?

The Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid is available in two different versions: the colored pyramid and the natural pyramid.

grimms large stepped pyramid side by side | the fairy glitch mother

The colored pyramid consists of 100 wooden blocks in various sizes and shapes that are dyed with non-toxic, water-based stains in vibrant colors. The colors of the blocks add an extra visual appeal to the toy and can inspire children to explore color and pattern. Additionally, the different colors can help with color recognition and sorting skills.

On the other hand, the natural pyramid consists of 100 wooden blocks in various sizes and shapes that are left in their natural wood finish. The natural wood finish highlights the beautiful, high-quality, sustainably harvested lime wood used to create the blocks. It also allows the child to explore the different textures of the wood and experience the natural warmth of the material.

Both versions of the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid provide the same benefits of open-ended play, such as encouraging creativity, enhancing spatial awareness, and promoting problem-solving skills. The difference lies in the visual appearance of the blocks. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and whether you prefer the vibrant colors of the colored pyramid or the natural beauty of the natural pyramid.

How to use the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid?

At first, when I received the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid as a gift, I was curious to see how my children would react to it. So I handed it to them and let them explore, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. They immediately began to devise ways to interact with it, experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colors.

One of their first reactions was to create a tower that reached as high as they could, and then they experimented with ways to make it even taller. Seeing their imaginations come to life as they explored the endless possibilities of the toy was amazing.

grimms large stepped pyramid child adding peg dolls | the fairy glitch mother

But the beauty of open-ended toys like the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid is that there is no one “right” way to play with it. My children’s imaginations continued to soar as they came up with new and creative ways to interact with the toy. They built bridges, created patterns, and even used the blocks to create elaborate sculptures.

If they ever needed a little nudge to get their imagination flying, I would show them pictures of other ways other children have come up with playing with it. Seeing other people’s creations inspired them to let go and have fun.

It’s incredible how a simple toy like the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid can ignite children’s creativity and imagination. I’m grateful that I could experience this with my children and see firsthand the power of open-ended play.

bench with grimms toys | the fairy glitch mother

Important! You will find a label on the box saying recommended for ages 3+; this makes reference to the square tray that could potentially splinter. The blocks are perfectly safe for little children. They are big, chunky, with smooth edges. They are not a choking hazard. You can present them in a basket for them. But you can rest assured that they are ok to play with from the moment they can grasp.

Our favorite Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid Play Ideas

You’ll now see that you can do so many things with the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid. Depending on your child’s age, some activities are more age-appropriate than others. Here are some suggestions based on my experience with my children playing with open-ended toys from Grimms:

If your child is around 1 year old, let them explore the blocks, the colors, and the different textures. They may enjoy grabbing and holding the blocks and seeing what sounds they make when they bang them together.

Around age 2, when they can start stacking and lining up objects, you can try making simple constructions on the floor, lining them one after the other or building a basic tower. Color matching and sorting activities are also great for this age group. 

At age 3, my children loved to use blocks for imaginative play and creating small worlds. They also began to experiment with more complex designs and ball runs (simple slides and staircases), which were challenging but rewarding.

As your child’s fine motor skills and balancing improve, you can introduce more demanding and challenging creations.

What also worked for me was to show my children pictures of different ideas and build together the ones that grasped their attention. This approach motivated them and sparked their creativity. After that, they would usually explore and create other things on their own.

So let’s get started with some ideas for playing with the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid!


There are so many ways to play with Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid! Trust me, you never play twice the same way. It is a wonderful toy that can inspire creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. Here are some ways to play with this toy:

1- Build a tower: The Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid consists of 100 wooden blocks in various sizes and shapes. You can use these blocks to build a tower that reaches the ceiling. You can challenge yourself to see how high you can build the tower without it toppling over.

2- Create a pattern: Use the different sizes and colors of blocks to create a pattern. You can create a rainbow pattern, a checkerboard pattern, or any other pattern you can imagine.

3- Build a castle: Use the blocks to build a castle. You can use the larger blocks as the walls and the smaller blocks as the turrets. Add a drawbridge, a moat, and a flag to complete your castle.

4- Sort by color or size: Sort the blocks by color or size. This can help develop your child’s color recognition and sorting skills.

5- Create a ball run: Use the blocks to create steps or slopes for marbles and balls to go down.

6- Make a maze: Use the blocks to make a maze. You can challenge yourself or your child to navigate the maze without touching the walls.

7- Create a sculpture: Use the blocks to create a sculpture. You can make a person, an animal, a flower, or any other object you can imagine. I enjoy making flowers combining them with other Grimm’s toys.

8- Build a bridge: Use the blocks to build a bridge. You can challenge yourself or your child to see how many toy cars or other objects the bridge can hold.

9- Play a game: Use the blocks to play a game. You can create your own game or play a game like Jenga or Tumbling Tower.

10- Make a flower vase: place a glass jar inside and build a “wooden vase” around it.

11- Build a wall: Place all the blocks in a straight line and build a wall with it. Can you even include some windows?

12- Use as a mountain in small world play

13- Use the blocks as buildings in small world play

14. Create race track barriers

15 – Make a cube

16- Color sorting

 | the fairy glitch mother

17- Symmetry

 | the fairy glitch mother

Overall, the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid is a versatile and creative toy that can be used in many different ways. Whether you’re building a tower, creating a pattern, or playing a game, you’re sure to have fun with this toy.

About Grimms

Grimms Spiel und Holz Design is a German toy company that has been producing high-quality, handmade wooden toys for over 40 years. Founded in 1978 by husband-and-wife team Gerhard and Margarethe Grimm, the company began with the simple idea of creating toys that would inspire creativity and imagination in children.

Grimm’s toys are made from sustainably harvested European wood, such as alder, maple, and lime wood. The wood is then dyed with non-toxic, water-based stains and finished with natural oils to preserve the wood’s natural beauty and warmth.

open ended toys grimms collection | the fairy glitch mother

The company’s range of toys includes building blocks, puzzles, dolls, vehicles, and more. All of the toys are designed to encourage open-ended play and exploration, allowing children to use their imaginations to create their own play experiences.

In addition to their commitment to using eco-friendly materials, Grimms also values fair labor practices and social responsibility. The toys are made by hand in Germany by skilled craftsmen and women who are paid fair wages and work in safe and ethical conditions.

Grimms Spiel und Holz Design is a company that values quality, sustainability, and creativity. Their handmade wooden toys are beloved by children and parents around the world, and they have become a symbol of the importance of natural materials, open-ended play, and the power of imagination.

Is the Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid Worth it?

If you’re considering investing in the Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid, it’s definitely worth it. This set of wooden blocks has provided my family with hours of fun and imaginative playtime at home. In addition, the blocks come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to create a wide range of structures and designs.

 | the fairy glitch mother

While it’s true that the pyramid is quite large, with a base of 50cm x 50cm, having a designated space for it makes it an excellent addition to our play area. That said, families with limited space may need help to store. Finally, the pyramid is a bit of an investment. Still, in my experience, the quality and durability of the blocks make it well worth the cost.

We’ve got a lot of value out of our two Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramids. I highly recommend them to any family looking for a fun, versatile, and well-made toy that encourages creativity and imaginative play.

Where to buy?

Suppose you’re looking for the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid. In that case, you can usually find it in wooden toy shops or Waldorf and Montessori-style stores. If you live near a big city, there may be some stores you can visit and explore.

If there aren’t any stores like this nearby, don’t worry! There are many online stores where you can find it. Here are some websites that I have personally used to purchase Grimm’s toys while living in different parts of the world, and others have been recommended to me by friends from the wooden toy community that lives in corners of the world where we have not had the pleasure to live:

  • This online store has a wide selection of Grimm’s toys and delivers worldwide. Their customer service is fantastic, but Brexit may have made deliveries from the UK more difficult if you’re based in Spain.
  • Oskar’s Wooden Ark: Although based in Australia, this store provides international shipping to selected countries (New Zealand, United States, Canada, Singapore & South Korea) using Australia Post. Their selection of toys is terrific, and they give great ideas on their Instagram account.
  • Oak & Ever: A wonderful US store with a beautiful selection of toys. Their Instagram account is lovely and filled with ideas.
  • Bella Luna Toys: This US-based store has many Grimm’s toys, including the Large Stepped Pyramid. Their selection of toys fits mostly the Waldorf system and has a lovely online store and excellent customer reviews.
  • Mymy and Me – This store has a beautifully curated selection of toys, and you’ll find the rainbow and an extensive selection of Grimm’s toys as well. Ashely takes care of this small online business with a lot of passion and care. Check it out! And if you have any questions, contact her, she is really kind.
  • Little Toy Tribe: Based in Australia, this store is shipping orders within Australia through its website. If you’re from New Zealand, you can contact them via email for a shipping quote.
  • Jugar i Jugar: If you are in Spain or Portugal, this online store has a beautiful selection of toys. Claudia and Carmen take special care in carefully selecting and recommending toys for different ages that are wonderful and not always easy to find anywhere else.

If you’re based in Germany, check out Little Dodos for their fantastic Grimm’s’ selection. For Malaysian readers, Bueno Blocks is the Malaysian distributor of Grimm’s toys and has an impressive range of toys from them.

With so many options available, you will find the Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid to add to your collection of beautiful and inspiring wooden toys.

A toy that will grow with your children

 | the fairy glitch mother

As you know, we haven’t had it around for long, but I know I should have gotten it sooner. It feels like what we have with the rainbow – it has been around for more than 5 years – and the evolution of play with it has been just wonderful. It’s the type of toy that evolves with them. And the pyramid is just the same.

The most complicated thing with it is, in my opinion, where to store it. But if you have that covered or just decide to have it on the floor of the playroom (like me), you will not regret having it. As you can see, it can be so many things. And it is simply wonderful.

Hopefully, you’ll have found some new ideas to play with it even more if you have it. If you were considering buying it, hopefully, this will give you ideas to get started. If you might be considering other Grimms toys you can have a look at the ones we have at home here.

We’ve had a lot of fun playing and taking pictures this year, and I really hope you have enjoyed seeing them as much as I had taking them.

Happy creative playtime!*

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