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Are you looking for a gift for siblings? Look no more. This Wonderbly book is perfect! This personalized book, “My Big Sibling,” is so lovely and fantastic. It made my children feel very special and helped make their bond stronger. A beautiful story about sharing and caring for brothers and sisters that I can’t recommend enough.

“From when we are small to when we are grown,

We’ll do things together, never alone.”

We have three Wonderbly books so far – and they are all wonderful – but this one is my favorite. I get emotional every time, and I am in awe of the story’s magical effect on my children when we read it together. They sit closer, sometimes hold hands, and even once, they simply hugged at the end. So tell me, what other gift have you given them that has had this reaction between them? I know nothing else has had this effect on mine.

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About the story: “My Big Sibling”

My Big Sibling” is a story about two siblings that share and grow together. They’ll go on everyday adventures that your children will most likely have enjoyed together – from reading to playing hide and seek. 

wonderbly - gift for siblings book | the fairy glitch mother

Through the pages of this book, the siblings grow older side by side, and they can see how having a brother or sister is the best thing ever!

Honestly, this book is adorable. I got a bit emotional the first time we read it, because my children wanted to recreate the final scene, which was too lovely.

What can you personalize in this Wonderbly book?

In this book, you can personalize four things:

  1. Names of the characters: This book is for two siblings; write the oldest and youngest names, and you’ll see how they keep appearing on the pages. My children love it.
  2. Characters appearance: You can pick from a selection the character’s look. If they are a boy/girl, their hairstyle, hair, and skin color. 
  3. Cover: There is one standard cover for the book, the Sandy Beach cover, but for an extra cost you can choose 3 other options: sky blue, berry purple, or leafy green.
  4. Dedication: you can write your own, or Wonderbly suggests a lovely one of their own. You can sign with your names, which will be a beautiful keepsake for many years.

*Age: If the children are between 0 and 6, they will weave them into the story. If one of the children is seven or more, or if you are unsure of their ages, they don’t mention them and just leave this out. However, it is still lovely (my book doesn’t mention ages as my daughter is seven).

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Once you’ve selected all the features, you can see the whole book online. You can read the entire story, see each page’s look, and ensure everything you picked is correct.

Unfortunately, this book will not work for twins, as it mentions that one is older than the other. If you’d like a book for siblings that doesn’t reference age differences, you can always check out “Where Are You? Save the Multiverse!” which can go up to 3 children. This is a very fun and entertaining book! (We have it as well).

What age is this book for?

If you’re making this book for two little ones aged between 0 – 6, they’ll magically weave their ages throughout the story. If you’re unsure of their ages or if one sibling is older than 6, you can still create a sweet personalized tale about growing up together without mentioning any specific ages.

About Wonderbly

Wonderbly is a London-based tech-publishing company that was launched in 2012 with the release of “The Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name.” They wanted to create personalized books for children and adults that would be meaningful for them and help them develop a passion for reading.

I love what they say on their website about what they believe in:

“There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. It’s delightful, limitless, and incredibly precious. Here at Wonderbly, we create meaningful, magical personalized stories which let children imagine themselves doing extraordinary things.

From learning about their own identity to discovering the world around them and developing empathy, curiosity, and confidence, our splendid stories help prepare children for every chapter of their life ahead.”

I am very passionate about children’s books and how much they can impact, teach and help children grow. Wonderbly books add more magic by having the children jump to their books’ pages with their names, looks, and birthdays. 


Wonderbly books are all personalized. They are big believers in the positive power of personalization. 

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They say that research shows that when children recognize themselves within a story, it profoundly affects their literacy and language development, which helps build confidence, and enthusiastic readers for life. I can tell you that my children love recognizing their names and seeing themselves as the main characters in the stories. They ask for the books, and their face was priceless the first time they saw them.

Having the children appear in the stories also helps them relate more to the storyline since they actually see themselves in the story. In addition, this makes them far more receptive to each tale’s key messages and learnings – from friendship to curiosity to love and kindness.

Where to buy and timings

You can buy Wonderbly books on their webpage. You can choose between 14 countries, and their books are published in more than 8 languages.

If you live in a country that doesn’t have English as the primary language but would like English books that don’t appear on your country site, select UK or US website, and then change the country when making the order. Try it with other country languages if you want books from languages other than your country’s. If it doesn’t work, I would suggest you contact their customer service.

Because I select a language that is not the one from my country, it takes a bit longer. It took 15 days for the book to get printed and delivered, so I recommend planning this ahead because it is something they will enjoy deeply. But it is definitely so worth the wait!

You can also choose to have the book sent as a gift. It comes in this lovely card envelope that they can later use for arts and crafts. Here are some pictures of our unboxing.

If you’d like a 15% discount, you can use my ambassador code: WWDMJKL 😉

Other books we have

Aside from “My Big Sibling”, we have two other books from Wonderbly that are also beautiful.

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“Where Are You? Save the Multiverse!” 

This book is also fantastic for siblings; it can hold up to 3 children! So it can be so much fun. This is a personalized look & find book where they go in search of adventure to save the multiverse. They must find their alter-egos, other characters, and items to ensure the universe is not destroyed. They love to see themselves as pirates, superheroes or detectives!

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“I’m a Name-O-Saurus!”

If your little one loves dinosaurs, this is a lovely book! When they fall asleep, your little one goes to Dino Land, where he will come across four different types of dinosaurs and do his best to blend in. He will realize, though, that he is not like the other dinosaurs but that he is the best “name-o-saurus” he can be!

A truly wonderful gift for siblings

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“My Big Sibling” is a fantastic book for siblings. The story and the rhymes are lovely, but the fact that you can personalize it makes the experience unique. It’s a way to talk about their special bond and that they will have each other to count on as the years go by.

We really enjoyed it, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Happy reading! 

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