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Early this month, I had the incredible privilege of attending the Spielwarenmesse, the world’s foremost toy fair, held annually in Nuremberg at the end of January and the beginning of February. For me, it was a much-anticipated journey into the heart of the toy industry. And a particular highlight was visiting the Grapat stand. As a devoted admirer of their creations, I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for the new year.

Grapat, known for its commitment to nurturing imagination and fostering open-ended play, unveiled seven captivating new products at this year’s fair. As I explored their enchanting stand, I couldn’t help but be drawn to these innovative additions that promise to bring even more magic to playtime. In fact, some of these new releases have already captured my heart, and I’m eagerly looking forward to adding them to my collection.

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And this week, the new releases arrived at my local toy shop! I couldn’t help myself and had to decide what I would add to my collection. I’ll show you what we got and how we started playing at home later. I can assure you it has been magical!

Let me take you on a journey through the wonderland that is Grapat’s 2024 lineup, sharing my personal favorites and the ones I’ve brought home. These delightful creations have left an indelible mark on the world of toys, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

About Grapat

Joguines Grapat, or Grapat Wooden Toys, comes from a lovely town nestled near the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya, Spain. This remarkable brand has its roots in a heartfelt family project that sprouted when the founders decided to trade the bustling city for the serene embrace of nature. This way they provided their children with a more natural upbringing.

Their inspiration came from observing their daughter’s playfulness and imagination when given the freedom to interact with the world around her. This simple yet profound insight paved the way for the birth of Grapat toys.

At the core of Grapat’s philosophy lies a deep belief that toys become powerful catalysts for nurturing a child’s imagination when stripped of complexity and devoid of rigid instructions. Grapat fosters the development of intricate and adventurous activities through pure open-ended play by allowing children to explore and create without boundaries. Their toys offer endless possibilities, giving wings to a child’s imagination to soar.

Handcrafted with meticulous care and abundant love, Grapat toys stand as testaments to their commitment to quality. Their materials are thoughtfully sourced, closely attuned to the rhythms of nature. Resulting in each piece being as unique as a fingerprint.

Moreover, Grapat takes an admirable stand against plastic pollution by remaining entirely plastic-free, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

The enchanting creations by Grapat are winning hearts worldwide, captivating the young and young-at-heart alike. Unsurprisingly, their toys are often described as magical, as they embody the essence of simplicity, beauty, and boundless imagination. To delve deeper into the world of Grapat and their extraordinary toys, you can explore their website and experience firsthand the enchantment they bring to playtime.

New Grapat Additions 2024

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Grapat and explore the eight new products they launched at Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024:

1. Dear Universe Set – A Cosmic Journey:

Grapat’s Dear Universe Set takes young explorers on a captivating journey through the cosmos. This imaginative playset includes beautifully crafted wooden planets and outer space elements that inspire curiosity and spark the imagination. Children can embark on intergalactic adventures, learning about our solar system and the universe’s wonders as they play.

They do not represent the actual planets, so they do not have the shapes and colors of what is out there for us, but it is an invitation to think about our universe and what lies beyond our atmosphere. There is one planet with a small drawing of a house that could symbolize home in this vast cosmos. But it is up to the player to decide what it means to them.

2. Moonlight Tale for Bedtime Storytelling:

Bedtime storytelling just got more enchanting with Grapat’s Moonlight Tale. This set is designed to enhance the bedtime routine, fostering a love for storytelling and imaginative play. As children create their own nighttime narratives with the help of these wooden characters, they can drift off to sleep with dreams of magical adventures.

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3. Mix and Match Set – Colorful Cubes and Sorting Box:

Grapat’s Mix and Match Set is a delightful addition to their collection. Inside a wooden sorting box, colorful wooden cubes await young minds ready to explore patterns, colors, and combinations. This set encourages fine motor skills and cognitive development while providing hours of creative play.

4. Your Day Set – Complementing the Perpetual Calendar:

The Your Day Set is designed to complement Grapat’s perpetual calendar, allowing children to engage with daily routines and the passage of time. With wooden pieces representing different activities and events, kids can customize their calendar, making it a unique and educational tool that encourages learning and organization.

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5 & 6. Tools and Pots – Ideal for Sensory Play:

Grapat’s Tools and Pots set offers a sensory play experience like no other. These are two separate sets. These carefully crafted wooden tools and pots allow children to explore textures, shapes, and the tactile world around them. Sensory play is essential for early childhood development, and this set provides a fun and engaging way to do just that.

7. Rainbow Mandala Snowflakes:

The Rainbow snowflakes are the last of the seasons to be turned into mandala Rainbows. The eggs were Spring, the flowers were Summer, the mushrooms were Fall, and the snowflakes represent Winter this year. I had never associated the shapes chosen to become a rainbow set to the seasons, but now it all makes sense. These will be great for creating more petals and colorful flowers.

8. Lucky Lucky Third Edition:

Grapat’s Lucky Lucky third edition is a charming continuation of their popular lucky dip series. These 15 limited-edition sets feature a surprise assortment of wooden elements, encouraging open-ended play and creativity. It’s a delightful way to introduce variety and excitement into playtime. They aim to be collected, shared, swapped, traded, and anything in between.

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These eight additions to Grapat’s lineup demonstrate their commitment to fostering creativity, imagination, and learning through play. Whether exploring the vastness of the universe, crafting bedtime stories, or engaging in sensory play, Grapat’s products continue to inspire children and captivate the hearts of parents and educators alike. The Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024 was the perfect platform to showcase these innovative and imaginative offerings. And they are sure to bring joy and wonder to children worldwide.

My new Grapat Favorites

Among Grapat’s splendid array of new releases, three treasures have captured my heart and imagination. With its cosmic allure, the “Dear Universe” set stands out as a must-have for our household, where a love for all things space is a shared passion. This celestial playset promises to take us on a captivating journey through the universe, igniting our curiosity about the cosmos. Additionally, the “Rainbow Snowflake Mandalas” and the “Mix & Match” sets have piqued my interest, as they beckon with endless creative possibilities.

I can already envision crafting intricate mandalas and stunning flatlays with these enchanting pieces, inviting a world of artistic expression into our play. As for the “Tools & Pots,” while I initially considered them more suitable for younger children. But I’ve come to realize that they hold the potential to captivate and engage even my youngest, adding another layer of excitement to our playtime adventures. Grapat’s ingenuity never ceases to amaze me, and I can’t wait to welcome these new additions into our collection.

< I wrote all this before welcoming the toys into our home. See our first impressions next >

New Grapat 2024: Fantastic additions to our collection

So, as I mentioned earlier, the new releases reached my local toy shop (Aúpali in Barcelona), and I loved going there and deciding what I would bring home. I wanted to share our first impressions with you. I decided on the five favorites I mentioned above: 

  • Dear Universe
  • Mis & Match
  • Rainbow Snowflakes
  • Pots
  • Tools

They have been such a success at home!

That first evening, we even forgot to have dinner at our usual time as we were immersed in play. All the new items are gorgeous and captivated my children’s attention instantly. Here you have a few glimpses of our first interactions with them.

Everyone at home agrees that the best of all is Dear Universe. It is so different and unique. I love the fact that it is not the Solar System. The planets can be part of any galaxy far, far away. They are truly open-ended and offer a whole world of possibility.

Initially, I was still unsure about the Pots & Tools, but they were a big hit. By combining them, they started “making potions” and “experiments,”… and I just loved seeing both my children interact, share, and play together. They were the second favorite of my children, and we haven’t even started using them in sensory play! Imagine what that will be like!

Mis & Match is more complicated than initially anticipated, but I love it. It was a challenge for my 8-year-old and me to sort all the colors into the box. I love the possibilities that it offers! From color sorting and matching to pixel art, stacking, and more!

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Finally, the Rainbow Snowflake Mandala set was probably the least exciting for the children (we do have all the mandala sets there are), but I am excited to create spring flowers with many colored petals. I might have to buy an additional set because three petals of each color will not be enough for me. But that is for another time!

Where to buy Grapat?

new grapat mandala 2022 - shopping grapat | the fairy glitch mother

Looking to acquire Grapat? You’ll likely discover them nestled in toy shops specializing in open-ended toys or in stores embracing Waldorf and Montessori principles. If you’re in a sizable city, exploring local stores be fruitful.

Should local options be scarce, fear not. A large variety of online stores await your visit. Regrettably, Amazon doesn’t list them, but don’t worry. I’ve curated a selection of alternative online avenues based on personal experiences in the UK, Spain and Europe, alongside recommendations from international sources.

Stores Offering International Delivery:

  1. Boasting a dedicated Grapat section, Babipur delivers worldwide. Do confirm their shipping policies for your specific location as some products can not be sent across borders.
  2. Oskar’s Wooden Ark: Based in Australia, they extend their services globally to selected countries through Australia Post.

Stores Offering UK Delivery:

  • Babipur: A quintessential UK-based option offering the complete array of Grapat pieces.

Stores Offering Delivery in Spain and Portugal:

  • Aúpali: This is my local shop in Barcelona and if you can manage to go personally, I highly recommend it.
  • Jugar i jugar: Renowned for their exquisite toy collection, this Spanish store provides swift delivery, often within a day if orders are placed before 2 pm.
  • While limited to local deliveries, this online store is another charming option within Spain.

Stores Offering Delivery in Germany & Europe:

  • Little Dodos: Steph is wonderful and she delivers not only in Germany, but I have had items delivered to Spain from her. She is very kind and highly recommend it.
  • Krokokinder: Also a lovely store where I have purchased items that I could not find locally.

Stores Offering Delivery in the USA:

  • Bella Luna Toys: With glowing customer reviews and an extensive Grapat selection, Bella Luna Toys is a promising destination for US residents.

Stores Offering Delivery in Australia & New Zealand:

  • Oskar’s Wooden Ark: Catering to Grapat enthusiasts Down Under and beyond, they ensure a seamless shopping experience.
  • Little Toy Tribe: A family-run business from Brisbane, catering to Australian customers while accommodating New Zealand inquiries via email for shipping estimates.

Store Offering Delivery in Malaysia:

  • Bueno Blocks: Serving as a beacon for Grapat aficionados in Malaysia, Bueno Blocks prides itself on a diverse Grapat collection.

Whether you’re in the UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, the USA, or Malaysia, there’s a retailer eager to facilitate your Grapat journey. Happy exploring!

New Grapat 2024 – Fantastic additions to our collection

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Grapat’s latest additions unveiled at the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024 have left me genuinely enamored and eagerly anticipating their release in just a few short weeks. Their commitment to expanding the horizons of sensory play is truly commendable, and I can’t help but admire the thought and creativity that goes into each of their creations. 

I am so happy to be welcoming the “Dear Universe,” “Rainbow Snowflake Mandalas,” “Mix & Match,” “Pots,” and “Tools” into our home, I am excited about the countless hours of imaginative play and artistic exploration that lie ahead. 

Stay tuned, as I can’t wait to share with you the magic and wonder that these new Grapat treasures will bring to our playtime adventures.

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Updated on: March 7, 2024

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