Wonderful Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024: What a Magical Week!

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Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, for the second time. This annual event is a paradise for toy enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, and my experience this year was nothing short of amazing. Although I spent most of my time working at the Connetix stand in Hall 4, I still managed to catch glimpses of some of my favorite brands and discover exciting new ones. Join me as I recount my adventures and share the highlights of this year’s Toy Fair.

The Connetix Stand in Hall 4:

My journey at the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair began at the Connetix stand in Hall 4, where I had the privilege of working with the team. (We love Connetix at home, you can check out this article about how we like to play). The Connetix booth was nothing short of gorgeous, with its vibrant displays and dazzling magnetic creations. I had the opportunity to contribute to building some of these mesmerizing structures, showcasing the brilliance of Connetix’s magnetic tiles. Below, you can see a few pictures that capture the essence of the Connetix stand and the magic of their products.

Exploring Hall 4 was a fantastic experience, and it was heartwarming to witness the joy and creativity that Connetix’s magnetic tiles brought to the visitors, from all over the world.

Discovering New and Beloved Brands at the Toy Fair 2024:

While my time was somewhat limited this year due to my commitments at the Connetix stand, I couldn’t resist taking a quick stroll through Halls 3 and 3A to visit some of my favorite brands. These halls were brimming with innovation and excitement, and I was thrilled to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

Here are some of my favorite brands that stood out during my brief exploration:

  1. Waytoplay
  2. Grapat
  3. Stapelstein
  4. Londji
  5. Kapla
  6. Wobbel
  7. Cuboro
  8. Moluk
  9. Trigonos
  10. Mader
  11. Oppi
  12. Cocoletes
  13. Andreu Toys
  14. Bavvic
  15. The Wonderie
  16. Wooden Story
  17. Dr. Zigs
  18. Naef
  19. Bajo

Each of these brands showcased their unique offerings, from eco-friendly toys to creative building sets and imaginative playthings. It was a delightful experience to see the diversity and quality of toys on display.

Let’s dive closer into some of the ones I had the opportunity to spend more time in and take some pictures 😉 (I forgot to take pictures in so many of them – next year I’ll do better!)


I have a soft spot for Grapat, I can’t help it. They are from my homeland, and what they do is filled with love and care. The Grapat Stand was gorgeous as always. Under their Dear Universe theme, it was out of this world. Grapat are launching 8 new things this year.

 -Dear Universe set with planets and outer space elements

– Moonlight tale for bedtime storytelling

– Mis and Match set with colorful cubes in a wooden sorting box

– Your Day set to complement the perpetual calendar


– Pots – ideal for sensory play

– Rainbow Snowflake Mandalas

– Lucky Lucky third edition.

I can’t wait to see their releases at the shops and decide which we are taking home.


Although there weren’t any entirely new products on display at the booth, one striking feature stood out – their pool filled with floating Stapelsteins, complemented by an impressive hanging structure. It was an awe-inspiring sight, drawing everyone’s gaze upward. There will be interesting things coming this year, but we’ll have to stay tuned!

The playful temptation to grab a ball and make it bounce on the floating pieces was irresistible, mainly as each size produced a distinct sound upon impact. It was a delightful experience! As a devoted fan of Stapelsteins, I relished the opportunity to connect with the team and deepen our appreciation for this wonderful toy. 

If you’re interested in exploring creative ways to enjoy Stapelsteins at home, I invite you to read my article with ideas on maximizing the fun and learning potential of this versatile toy.


One of the highlights during my visit this year was the enchanting Mader stand. These wonderful wood-turners from Austria are the masters of spinning tops. It was a delightful journey into the world of spinning tops, and I gained a newfound appreciation for their significant benefits in fostering finger dexterity, plasticity, and movement. 

These mesmerizing little toys offer more than meets the eye; they help build strength, enhance coordination, and even provide exceptional exercise for pianists, who benefit greatly from improved finger dexterity. 

The masterclass I was fortunate to receive will remain a cherished memory, as it opened my eyes to the wonders of this time-honored tradition. Additionally, I was surprised to discover the art of spinning tops upside down, a captivating skill that added an extra layer of fascination to the experience. Did you know that you couls spin them upside down? Now I can’t stop myself.


Cuboro is also a super delight to stop by. Their beautiful ball runs made from solid wooden blocks never seize to amaze me. I got to see the Speed set in action, and the Jump set as well. So much fun! I’ll be playing with these this year and I can’t wait to show you what we create!


Visiting Cocoletes is always a joyous experience, largely due to the warm hospitality of Nuria and Jonas. Their genuine passion for nature permeates every facet of their work, and it’s palpable in their creations. This year, they’ve unveiled a captivating multiple-piece puzzle that allows you to craft over 15 unique insects, showcasing their commitment to merging learning and play seamlessly. 

Additionally, they have launched a new cooperative game set in the heart of nature, emphasizing the beauty of collaborative play and nature. Not to be missed are their nature-finding sets, beckoning us to step outdoors, explore, and discover the wonders of the natural world. Nature eagerly awaits our playful exploration, and Cocoletes is an inspiring advocate for these outdoor adventures.

Andreu Toys

My visit to this particular stand was a delightful surprise, Salva was so kind and friendly. I regret not having had the opportunity to explore their stand last year. But I was genuinely thrilled to find the brand whose toys we already have at home. They are from my homeland, Catalunya (Spain).

Among their new releases, the wooden houses that can be illuminated from within caught my eye, radiating charm and warmth through their colored windows. Another standout was their new round board, which invites creativity and communication, allowing for personalized messages to be written and shared. 

But what truly impressed me were their inclusive games, designed to engage all children, including those with different abilities. One example that stood out was their innovative take on tic-tac-toe, which includes a mask, facilitating play between siblings and friends of blind children, or offering a unique sensory experience that often goes overlooked. This experience was not only delightful but also thought-provoking, reminding me of the importance of inclusive play for all children.


 | the fairy glitch mother

I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures at Wobbel! I realise that I was so mesmerized by their new Candy collection that I only played. They have launched some new open-ended toys made with wood and colourful rubber that simulate different types of sweets. You have the Drops, the Cookies, the Macarons and the large Macaron. You can stack them, spin them, and create as many games as you can imagine with them. I thought they were cool. (I added a screenshot from their website).


My first time playing with Naef toys was a revelation. Exploring the Romboid and the Cube, I was introduced to just a fraction of their limitless possibilities, and it left me utterly mesmerized. These creations, although often seen as toys for adults or decorative pieces, proved to be an incredible source of interactive wonder. The sheer range of possibilities they offer is nothing short of astonishing.

 | the fairy glitch mother

Toy Fair 2024: A Wonderland of Discovery and Imagination

In a whirlwind of excitement and inspiration, my visit to the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair 2024 was an unforgettable journey into the heart of the toy industry. From the magnetic marvels of Connetix to the cosmic creations of Grapat and the inventive wonders of various other brands, each stand offered a unique tapestry of innovation and imagination.

It was a privilege to explore these enchanting worlds and witness the passion and creativity that goes into crafting each toy. As I eagerly await the release of my favorites and the chance to share them with you, I am reminded once again that the world of toys is a boundless realm where learning and play intertwine, inspiring generations to dream, discover, and create. Until next year’s adventure, let the magic of play continue to captivate us all.

Happy playing *

wonderful open-ended toys to encourage creativity | the fairy glitch mother

Updated on: March 7, 2024

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