30 Great Sticker Books for Kids and Toddlers They’ll Love

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Sticker books for kids are a great resource to have around or give as gifts! They keep them entertained, help them work on fine motor skills, help them learn new things; I think they are great. And not just older kids, sticker books for toddlers are also fantastic. It’s great for little ones and all ages. 

Over the years, we’ve had many come into our home. Some are just sticker books where you can create scenes by sticking all the stickers. Others are activity books that go beyond just sticking, with mazes, drawing activities, and more. Let me share with you which are the ones we love best.

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Why do we like sticker books for kids?

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Every now and then, a sticker book comes into our home and keeps us entertained for days. We do some activities, a page or two every now and then, until it is all done one day. Their excitement when they see them is great, but I genuinely believe these activities can help them. These are some of the reasons why I like sticker books so much:

  • Help with fine motor skills
  • Children work on hand-eye coordination
  • Allow creativity
  • Slow activity that requires concentration
  • Learn concepts through a fun, engaging, and tactile resource
  • Less screen time
  • An activity that we can do together as a family
  • Fantastic to take away on trips, like traveling or going to the hospital

 They are brilliant learning resources and a lot of fun.

Sticker books for toddlers – 2 to 4-year-olds

All the books suggested here for toddlers are filled exclusively with stickers. Later on, you’ll see stickers and activity books, but toddlers don’t really do the rest of the activities at this age (at least my children didn’t). So I feel that just sticker books are perfect for such young children. That being said, my 3-year-old son enjoys sticker & activity books for older kids, but he is only interested in the stickers. So that is why I have split it this way.

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First 100 Stickers  Roger Priddy

Roger Priddy has a collection of sticker books that are great for tiny hands. They are an excellent way for toddlers to build vocabulary while developing hand-eye coordination skills. There are many books, but I think these 4 are great basics to have:

These books are all about stickers. You have stickers about the objects or stickers with words (for older children learning to read). You must find the correct sticker and stick it on its fitting silhouette.

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My Little World Sticker Books

The My Little World Sticker books are lovely for toddlers. They cover different subjects that are great for their early development. We first got the Numbers one, and then there is also a set that includes First Words, Farm, Colors, and Animals Sticker Book. It has been great to go over the numbers with my 3-year-old son. The only thing I would say is that they might need your help peeling some of the stickers as they might break. So not ideal for them to do on their own, but it is a friendly activity to do together.

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Peppa Sticker books

If your children love Peppa & George, these are fantastic for them. The stickers are big and easy to peel. There are many different sticker books from Peppa. You have Halloween, Car Racing, Dress Up, Traveling, and many more. For example, the Dress Up book has 8 pages of stickers, matching the other 21 pages. There are 13 different scenes in each book where they can place stickers as they like. Most of them are double pages, so they have a lot of space to put their stickers. 

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Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Usborne – Fiona Watt 

The Little Sticker Dolly Dressing are some of my daughter’s favorites because they are reusable sticker books. There are many books in the collection. From Unicorns, Fairies, Ballerinas, Mermaids, and everything you can imagine. My daughter loved these. They recommend from 5 years old upward, but she enjoyed them when my daughter was 3. Each double spread is a scene, and you have stickers to populate the scene and make it as you like. There are 250-350 reusable stickers in the books, and you have a fold-out back cover where you can “park” stickers while they are not in use. The books are not very big, so they are great when traveling. They’ll have a great time creating sticker scenes. 

sticker books for kids - moulin roti | the fairy glitch mother

Moulin Roty Il Etait Une Fois

The Moulin Roty sticker book is charming and shaped like a house. Inside, you will find the different rooms in the house illustrated in black and white to be filled in with colorful reusable stickers. You can also color the house as you like, so it doubles up as a coloring book which they may love. The stickers are sturdy, like plastic, which makes them almost impossible to break. It was a gift for my daughter when she was 4, but it could also be for older children. Anyone can enjoy it.

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Melissa & Doug Sticker Pads

These are great reusable cling-style stickers fantastic for tiny hands. They come in themes, and there are 5 big scenes in each set. There is a lot of room for children to play around with the stickers on each stage. And if they do not like where they have placed them, no biggie! They can easily peel it off and put it someplace else. There are around 250 stickers in each set. You have many pads: Adventure, Princess, Dress-up, Habitats, Vehicles, Under the Sea, Jungle, and so many more. Pick one with your child’s latest obsession, and they will be entertained for hours (split into blocks of 15 minutes 😅)

Sticker books for kids – 5-year-olds and up

Here you will find a selection of sticker and activity books. Although you could hand these to a younger child, they would only really enjoy the stickers. Children 5-years-old and older would actually do the rest of the activities suggested. For this reason, I have split it like this. But, hey! Nobody knows your children better than you do! This is just how I’ve experienced playing with sticker books with my children.

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Julia Donaldson sticker activity books

At home, we love Julia Donaldson’s books illustrated by Axel Scheffler. We have read them all a zillion times, and I could recite “Room on the Broom” or “The Gruffalo” with my eyes closed. If your children also love Julia’s books, these activity books filled with stickers will be great. Here are just a few, but I believe you can find one for almost all of her books. From The Gruffalo, Stickman, Zog, to Room on the Broom and back. Take your pick! They are all lovely.

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Oi Get Stuck In! – Kes Gray & Jim Field

Inspired by the picture books “Oi Frog!”, “Oi Dog!”, and “Oi Cat!”, Kes Gray & Jim Field have created this fun sticker and activity book. It has more than stickers, but also mazes and activities related to the hilarious rhymes in their books. We love “Oi Frog!”. If you haven’t read it, you must. Or at least listen to this read-aloud version. I wish I could read it like this. 

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Paint by Stickers Kids – Kids

These sticker books are just excellent. My 6-year-old daughter had to stay home because of a stomach bug this week. She was entertained for hours with the Unicorn & Magic sticker book. Now she is asking for another one. These books are like sticker mosaics. First, you have a layout of the illustration split into little sections, each with its number. Then you have a sticker page.

First step: Find the sticker.

Second step: Peel the sticker.

Third step: Place the sticker. 

Then, add the next and the next, and complete the paintings. 

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All the pages are perforated, making it easy to tear the page with stickers to work with it side by side. You can also tear out each finished work to frame and share!

Also, if you are interested in having some sticker fun of your own, they have “Paint by Stickers” books for adults. It could be a fun activity to do at the same time. Just a thought 😉

sticker books for kids - national geographic | the fairy glitch mother

National Geographic Sticker Activity Books

We’ve enjoyed a couple of these, Cats and Super Space. Both my children love them. They are very educational, filled with facts, and there is just so much to learn. They come with more than 1,000 stickers which is an insane amount. Many are extra that can be used outside the book or to decorate whatever they might like. It is packed with fun activities to keep them entertained for hours – like coloring sheets and mazes. I’d say it is excellent to take on travels and enjoy during rainy days indoors. There are many more books in this collection like dogs, ocean animals, dinos, and many more. I believe it is a fantastic gift to learn while having fun!

Sticker books for kids – a brilliant learning resource

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Sticker books can be a great resource to have around to pull out when you might need them, and they least expect it. There are so many options that you will probably find one that suits your child’s interests at that moment, be it princesses, space, cats, colors, or vehicles. Finally, it is a great tactile and visual learning experience that they really enjoy.

I hope you will have liked our selection. I will update you if we have any new sticker books worth mentioning. But if you do have some other favorites, please let me know. I enjoy discovering new sticker books to learn from and enjoy together as a family.

Happy sticking!*

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