Open ended toys

Grapat toys Close up

Grapat Toys – Wonderful Open-ended Treasures to Fall in Love

Grapat toys came into our lives three years ago, and I am so happy they did. We were living in London, my son had just been born, and my daughter was three years old when we had been gifted the Grimms Rainbow. So I started researching open-ended wooden toys, and I saw Grapat coins, rings, […]

Connetix tiles

Connetix tiles have enchanted us! How we love to play!

Connetix tiles are a wonderful and versatile open-ended toy that will blow you away. At least they did for us! They are beautiful and clear and at the same time very strong. It’s fascinating to see how they captivate children’s attention, and they will invite them to play with them for hours and days. You

Grimms Medium Wooden Rainbow

Wonderful Grimms Medium Wooden Rainbow Ideas You’ll Love

Have you played with Grimms rainbow? I highly recommend it because it is a magical invitation to creativity and so much more. Of course, we are big fans of the Grimms large rainbow at home (we’ve had it over three years, and we are still playing with it). But the Grimms medium wooden rainbow one

Sensory table with Rainbow rice

Sensory Table Play Ideas – Wonderful and Engaging Play Time

Would you like to have more creative play at home? Have you seen a lot of sensory play on Instagram and don’t know where to start? If you allow me, I believe your playtime will change if you add a sensory table at home. I know it will because it did for us. We got

New Grapat Mandala 2022

New Grapat Mandala 2022 – Ready to fall in love?

This week the new Grapat collection of 2022 is hitting the stores worldwide. The collection is called WildWild, and I can assure you it is so much lovelier in real life. I’m lucky to be from the land of Grapat, and it reached my local toy shop early, and I was able to get our

Grimms Houses - Houses

Ways To Play Grimms Houses – Uncovering Their Magic

I feel these are not one of the most famous Grimms toys, but they have been around in our house for almost four years, and they are lovely. The Grimms houses have a lot to offer during your playtime at home. If you have them and they’ve been sitting around on the shelf for some

Grapat Stacking Challenge

Grapat Stacking Challenge – Up for 66 challenges?

Hello fellow stackers! Are you looking for a stacking challenge? Get together your Grapat wooden toys and join in the fun. Be warned; this can be addictive. But it is loads of fun as well! I would like to share how this all started, introduce you to extraordinary creative minds that have gone above and

Wooden Stacking Toys

The best wooden stacking toys and 100 stacking ideas

Stacking has been a favorite activity in our household for some years now. I believe it truly started with the Grimm’s Rainbow. Of course, we had stacked some cubes before that, but we hadn’t discovered or tapped the potential of open-ended and wooden toys. So, I’ve put together a list of our wooden stacking toys,

Flockmen Feature

45+ Inspiring Flockmen Ideas – How We Love to Play!

Have you heard of Flockmen? They are the latest addition to our playroom, and they have surpassed our expectations. I had been seeing it on Instagram lately, and they had caught my attention because of their simplicity and versatility. This open-ended natural wooden toy is fantastic. The possibilities with it are so broad that you

Grapat Lola - Feature

How to Play with Grapat Lola: 25 Fantastic Play Ideas

The first time I laid eyes on the Lola set, I was mesmerized. It is wonderful. The wood, the simple shapes, and the vibrant colors are lovely. It’s beautiful to the eyes and fantastic to the touch. We had been playing with Grapat toys and loose parts for some time, and we couldn’t wait to

Grapat Loose Parts

13 Grapat Loose Parts Ideas – How We Love To Play

Grapat loose parts are a great resource for open-ended play. If you are unfamiliar with them, you may probably think, “And what do you do with them?”. Well, I hope I’ll be able to answer by showing you all the ways we’ve come up with playing during the past years. Loose parts play is a

6 year old girl birthday gift ideas

6 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas She Will Love!

It was my daughter’s 6th birthday recently. She was so happy! I feel she has grown up a lot in just so little time. And from the look of her birthday gifts, I see her interests have shifted and grown. So I’ve put together this list of 6 year old girl birthday gift ideas that

Light Table for kids

Light Table For Kids: Fantastic Ways To Use It!

If you’ve never heard of or seen a light table, you might be wondering what it is and what all the fuss about it is. I did so too. But after having it around for some years, I genuinely believe that a light table for kids is a fantastic resource for them to play, engage,

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