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Playing games together as a family is one of our favorite pastimes. Games, puzzles, you name it! We usually play during the weekend, and it started when my daughter was almost four years old with a game from Londji called Postman. After three years, we’ve collected more and more games from Londji, and I feel I need to share them with you since they are incredible. We honestly love them. 

(This post is not sponsored by the brand; we’ve bought all our toys and genuinely just want to share our experience).

I love how they define what they do as creating original toys for kids from 3 to 103 years old. It’s just fantastic! (I know that I am a child at heart and love to play and expect to play for many more years 😉 ). Everything they do is just done with so much care. Their games and puzzles are unique, and they make family time magical. I would love to share our toys and wishlist with you, show you the Londji store in Barcelona, and share what we’ve learned about them.

About Londji

Londji makes original toys for kids from 3 to 103 years old. They make puzzles, original games, wooden toys, cardboard toys, eco toys, kaleidoscopes, spinning tops, green toys, tattoos, and so much more. They say they design and manufacture toys respecting the place where they live. Toys with soul, where every detail is taken care of, and you can feel it through their creations.

These are their 10 principles:

Imagination at its best
We claim the right to be kids regardless of our age.
Playing is the best way to learn. We give toys the dignity
they deserve. Playing is sharing your time with people
you love. Toys deserve to feel beautiful too. We want
to make a better world for our children. We play with
everything but safety. We slow cook in Barcelona. Let’s
be honest as our grandparents taught us.”

Why do we like playing with Londji?

londji playing where is the cheese? | the fairy glitch mother

Londji toys are special and unique. The team say that the toys they make are the ones they want their children to play with. These are their values:

  1. We manufacture them in a responsible way.
  2. We use the best materials, choosing those that take care of our planet.
  3. They are safe.
  4. They are designed and made in Barcelona.
  5. They are fun and also make you think.
  6. They allow parents to share some time with their children.
  7. They are made with honesty.
  8. They are innovative and original. We bring fresh air to the toy world.

When I read their values I felt in tune and loved them. On top of what they said, the following are just a few extra reasons why we enjoy playing with them and gifting them so much:

  • Their illustrations are beautiful
  • Original games that are fantastic for little ones
  • Stimulate concentration and memory
  • Learn turn-taking and patience
  • Help each other out (especially while making puzzles)
  • Encourages to listen and learn rules
  • The materials they use are lovely and sustainable
  • We love supporting brilliant local brands from Barcelona that should be known worldwide

Our Londji games and puzzles

1. Postman

 | the fairy glitch mother

Postman was a birthday gift from my brother to our daughter when she turned four years old. It has become one of our favorite games. We’ve played countless times with it during the past three years, and we’ve gifted it to friends and family more than once.

In Postman, each player gets ten letters that they must deliver to their correct houses. Where must they be delivered? To the house that appears on the card that is drawn in that round. The first one that finds the house can deliver the letter – and you place it on top of it.

The game consists of a puzzled board of a city (so that you can place the pieces around and they are never in the same place), a deck of 80 cards (with the houses you must deliver to), and 40 letters that you must deliver. 

What is interesting is that the cards have different difficulty levels. 

  • Green cards (easy) will have the house drawn on them. 
  • Blue cards will give you a combination of clues for one building (example: the white house, three doors, five windows)
  • Yellow cards will show you a picture of who lives or works there (example: a fireman)
  • Brown cards will also give you a combination of clues but that could have different solutions.
  • Red cards (most difficult) show you the position of your house relative to other buildings.

2. Postman Pocket Game

 | the fairy glitch mother

We like our big version so much that we bought the pocket game to take with us when we travel or go away on the weekends. 

 | the fairy glitch mother

The box is much smaller (16x16x5 cm) and has fewer houses (6 puzzle pieces), fewer letters (32), and 60 mini cards. It’s all more petite, but you can have the same amount of fun.

3. Where is the cheese?

where is the cheese | the fairy glitch mother

This game has been one of our latest additions, and it has become a favorite. We’ve played at least four times each week since we bought it four weeks ago. We define this as a success because also both my children have fun playing it (ages 3 and 6). 

This game is another observation game for the whole family. You must help your cook find the ten ingredients needed for preparing dinner quickly. The game takes about 10 minutes – so it is fantastic for little ones. They recommend it for ages 3 and up, and 2-6 players can play.

4. Memo Bombers (Firefighters)

 | the fairy glitch mother

This is a classic memory game firefighter-themed. My son, who is finding firefighters very interesting lately, loves this game. It is fantastic for 3-year-olds that are curious about firefighters. 

It is fantastic to work on memory, concentration, and turn-taking. It is also excellent to work on vocabulary.

5. AEIOU puzzle

 | the fairy glitch mother

This puzzle is great for little ones. It is a collection of 5 puzzles, each representing a vowel and each with a different number of pieces.

  • “A” has an illustration of an alligator and has four pieces
  • “E” is an Elephant and has six pieces
  • The letter “I” is an Iguana and has three parts (plus the dot)
  • “O” has an illustration of an Octopus and has five pieces
  • The letter “U” is a unicorn and has seven pieces

The pack of the puzzles has a different color theme, so it is easy to separate them and group them for each letter.

6. Discover the World – Look and find puzzle

londji world puzzle | the fairy glitch mother

This world puzzle is fantastic! It is excellent for geography for them to start grasping the idea of a vast and diverse world. Each piece is well thought out (you always have something identifiable), making it easier to put together. We especially like the borders of Londji puzzles; they are not straight like most puzzles but wavy. The wavy edges make it much easier to locate the border pieces and get the puzzle done.

The World puzzle is also more than a puzzle; it’s a “look and find” puzzle. Once you have completed it, you have a series of little tokens with elements from around the world (buildings, animals, landmarks, etc.) that you must locate on the map. It has been a fantastic conversation sparker, and we’ve learned a lot through it. My 6-year-old daughter loved it and did it twice the weekend that we got it for the first time. It was a success!

7. Discover Space puzzle

 | the fairy glitch mother

This puzzle is also fantastic. However, this puzzle is also remarkable because it is Glow in the Dark.

Like the rest of the puzzles, it has a wavy edge. I think this one is slightly more difficult than the world map one, but extraordinary as well. We did it with my 6-year-old daughter, and she enjoyed it. We shut windows and doors and saw it glow when we finished it. 

It was fantastic to talk about the Solar System, the planets, and space. We took out some of our books about space and read answers to her questions from there. (You can see our list of space books here).

8. Je suis Ballerine puzzle

 | the fairy glitch mother

The Ballerina puzzle is a larger-sized puzzle with 100 pieces and a whimsical and beautiful illustration. Lovely if your child loves ballet. They recommend it for ages 5 to 8. My daughter was 6 and it was a nice but achievable challenge.

This is a lovely gift for children that love ballet. I have a tiny ballerina at home, so I know. And these are fantastic ballet books that she loves as well (in case you are looking for more ballet reads).

9. Bam! Create your animals Stamps

 | the fairy glitch mother

The Bam Bam Create box is a set of basic stamps and inks that allow you to create animals and fantastic creatures. There are 4 inks: yellow, red, blue, and black.

It also comes with a small booklet with blank sheets of paper so you can create there on the spot.

10. À la cuisine

 | the fairy glitch mother

“A la cuisine” is a card game about food and delicious recipes. You must help find all the ingredients needed to cook the dishes of the day. A fun day about speed and strategy.

londji À la cuisine | the fairy glitch mother

The player who manages to complete the most recipes is the one who sins the game. It is recommended for ages seven and up and from 3 to 6 players. Games usually last about 15 minutes.

11. I Speak 6 Languages

 | the fairy glitch mother

“I Speak 6 languages” is a game to learn and fall in love with languages. It is an entertaining game that encourages to learn 100 words in 6 different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan. It helps gain vocabulary, a sound foundation to learn languages in the future.

To play, the player must then roll the dice to see which language you must answer in. The next player to the right must pick a card from the bag for you and place it on the table with the illustration face up. The player then has to give the word in the language indicated by the dice.

 | the fairy glitch mother

If the answer is incorrect, all the players must try to memorize the word, and the player will add it to the pool beside the card indicating the language for this turn. When the player answers correctly, he can keep the card and try for an extra card from the pool in the language of this turn (if there are any cards next to that language).

If the player does not know the word and decides not to answer, he can go directly for the optional card in the pool.

The first player to collect ten cards is the winner.

12. Rocket Eye

londji rocket eye | the fairy glitch mother

When we went to the Londji Store, we offered to each of our children to choose a little something they would like. So, naturally, my son went straight to this Rocket Eye. (My son loves rockets and everything space-related – so it was no surprise).

He loved looking through the lens and seeing objects multiply. He also liked placing it in the sun and seeing how the light scattered and sparkled on the floor.

We got the rocket eye, but there are many Big eyes with other themes. You have several to choose from bugs, animals, and an astronaut.

13. Stickers

 | the fairy glitch mother

This is just a lovely collection of 150 under the sea-themed removable stickers to build your favorite underwater scene of their choice.

14. Climb the Mountain Top

londji climb the mountain | the fairy glitch mother

Climb the Mountain is the most complex game from Londji. We bought it and found it a bit complicated. When we went to the Londji store, they explained it to us; they were very kind. It is a game thought for seven years old and older. So we’ll play next year; we have a lot to play with now 😉 

But it is a beautiful strategy game. All the players must help build the mountain and get to the top. They get food and water on the way up or need to spend food and water, when they come across fantastic creatures like the Bear and the Yeti.


londji collection 2 | the fairy glitch mother

After seeing what my children have enjoyed, reactions to things we have gifted, and what we saw at the store, these would be my recommendations for different ages. 

Of course, each child is different, but I’ve found their age recommendations pretty accurate. You know your child better than anyone.

Of course, I am falling short here, I can’t name everything… but these are the things I would gift my friend’s children of different ages now:

Recommendations for 3-year-olds

  • Where is the cheese?
  • AEIOU puzzle
  • Rocket Eye
  • My Big Blue puzzle (36 pieces)
  • Memo Game

Recommendations for 4-year-olds

  • Postman
  • Sticker sets
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Save the Cat
  • Beep Beep Puzzle (48 pieces)

Recommendations for 5-year-olds

  • Bam! Create your animals (stamps)
  • Spinning tops
  • Ballerina puzzle (100 pieces)
  • Tattoos

Recommendations for 6-year-olds

  • Discover the World puzzle
  • Discover Space puzzle
  • Chess game

Recommendations for 7-year-olds

  • À la cuisine
  • I speak 6 languages
  • Climb the Mountain

Our wishlist

If we could wish for some more games, what would they be? What would we buy on our next occasion? Here is our list:

  • A spinning top – we don’t have many (only the Little Things from Grapat), and it would be fun to have something different to spin around.
  • Save the Cat – This is a cooperative game in which we help the firefighters put out the fire to save the kitten trapped on the roof. I’m sure my son would love it and I think it would be a great gift for when he turns four.
  • Home Sweet Home – A math card game. My daughter was very interested in it at the store, but she decided to go for some stickers in the end. She could only choose one thing. Since she is now very interested in adding numbers, I think it would be a lovely addition to our game collection.
  • Multiplications – This is a game that helps learn and practice multiplication tables in a fun way. When my daughter starts multiplying at school, we’ll get it for sure 😉
  • Inside Me – This is a game to discover your inner beauty. Learn 96 parts of the human body in an easy and fun way! My daughter has been asking many questions about the human body lately; if she keeps it up, I think she’ll enjoy this one.
  • Il concerto – I’m curious about this one. It’s an observation and memory game about instruments and musical styles. I just find it so different and original. I believe it would be great to teach them about music beyond Disney soundtracks 😂
  • Creartivity – This book and their other activity books are beautiful invitations to creativity and let your imagination soar.
  • Starry Night Puzzle – Now this one would be for me 😉 They have this wonderful collection of adult puzzles with wonderful art masterpieces, and they are all dreamy. I think it would also be a great excuse to talk with the children about artists, and in this case, about Van Gogh. I’ll put it down on my letter to Santa 😉

Londji shop

 | the fairy glitch mother

If you are ever sightseeing around El Born in Barcelona, you must go to the Londji shop; it is magical. 

Shop (Barcelona)

C. de la Princesa 49

08003 Barcelona · Catalonia · Spain

+34 93 194 51 65

You will be overwhelmed to see the number of games, puzzles, and toys they have developed. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Where to buy Londji

 | the fairy glitch mother

You can find Londji toys in many wonderful toyshops around the world. If you happen to be in Barcelona, my favorite option would be to go to their shop in El Born, which is magical. Another fantastic option if you visit Barcelona by plane is that you’ll find an incredible corner filled with choices on your way back, at the airport, at the “La Mallorquina” store. (The good thing about buying at the airport is that it doesn’t take up space in your luggage and as you can see from the pictures, there is a wide range of toys and games to choose from).

If you want to buy them online, here is a list of online stores where you can find them:








How the Marvelous World on Londji fascinated us

londji rocket eye | the fairy glitch mother

I’ve never been a big fan of some of the classical games like Parcheesi, Snakes & Ladders, or in Spain, we also play “El Juego de la Oca”. These are typical board games that I personally have never enjoyed too much.

But I understand that playing games together as a family is very beneficial for the children, and for us to spend some time together. So I started researching games that we could all enjoy. Londji has been a great discovery. They are beautiful and clever games that are a breath of fresh air.

The children learn, enjoy themselves, and are growing with these games. The grown-ups in our family enjoy playing them as well. Not only my husband and I, but also grandparents, uncles, and family friends. You realize some grown-ups have a hard time joining children in their play. It comes more naturally to some than others. But board games are great for all. And these are wonderful and lovely.

Puzzles are also a favorite activity at our house, and the Londji Discover ones are great. They are beautiful, but we learn from them, and we chat around them and the conversations sparked from them are just fabulous.

So, if you are searching for games and puzzles that you can all enjoy, please check them out. You’ll love them! (Oh! And if you can visit their store, please do – it is marvelous).

Happy playing!

Updated on: March 9, 2024

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